Saturday, December 31, 2005

Argentina: Cattle Mutilation in Vertiz

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 17, 2005
DATE: 12.16.05
Four Argentine Frisian cows ("holando argentino") were found dead and mutilated some days ago at the "Los Hermanos" ranch in the vicinity of Vertiz, La Pampa.
The leaseholder, Gustavo Steib, stated that "...from one day to the next, cows that were about to give birth were found dead, missing their genitalia, the nipples of their udders and a patch of hide, whose circular incision was perfect."
Steib added that " of the cows had an incision in the medullar area of its neck and another incision in the carretilla," expressing his surprise at the precision of the incisions, which he classified as "clean and almost cauterized - it's like cutting and sealing at the same time to avoid hemorrages."
He further highlighted that "...the flesh takes two or three days to rot, but in this case it only took 12 hours," stressing the fact that he found that the color of the flesh turned to a dark greyish color, "almost leaden", following an incision.
It was also remarkable that despite the fact that flesh was removed from the animal for examination, the rest of the carcass was unmolested by carrion animals.
Translation (c) 2005. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, Ciufos-LaPampa


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