Monday, January 02, 2006

Argentina: New UFO Case Reported in Argentina

SOURCE: Planeta UFO and El Once Digital
DATE: January , 2006

** The print found resembles that of a web-footedcreature. A local resident and a researcher claim that strange beings left prints in a swimming pool **

A renowed UFO researcher from the city of Victoria and a local resident claimed that strange beings left their footprints and traces at a swimming pool.

By means of a public complaint, the owner of a weekend home located on the outskirts of Victoria claimed to have found that the swimming pool had been drained almost by half in a matter of hours, and that several strange footprints could be seen inside it, resembling those of a palmiped creature.

Silvia Perez Simondini, a renowed UFO researcher, reported to the scene, expressing no surprise whatsoever and asserting that it is further proof of what has been occuring in this city for over 15 years, and which few people are ever willing to report.

According to the Victoria Noticias webside, the researcher claimed that certain footprints could be seen within the pool, aside from prints similar to those of a palmiped, which were intact in spite of the water's movement, leading to the belief that an artifact unknown to experts had landed there.

The estate, located in a ranching area, would have "received the visit of web-footed creature", to judge by the fact that the footprints resemble extremities with an inter-digital membrane.

Moreover, Perez Simondini's daughter entered the pool to ascertain if her own feet would leave similar marks to the ones found -- and which did not vary in spite of the water's movement -- and verified that her own vanished almost immediately. In this regard, Perez Simondini argued that this was due to "the energy of the beings that entered the pool."

Eyewitness accounts from those who saw the pool attest to the fact that the prints are nearly perfect and impossible make deliberately under water.

Strange events involving UFOs have repeated periodically in this city since the early '90s. "Some of them are in the public domain; others have been concealed for fear of ridicule or to the remarks of those who remain skeptical when presented with the evidence gathered by those engaged in studying the UFO phenomenon in our city," said the researcher.

Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo D. Gimenez, Planeta UFO


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