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Argentina: UFOs Over Necochea 2005

Guillermo D. Gimenez

Once more, the city of Necochea, located in the southeastern end of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was the scene of several evens related to the presence of UFO phenomena during the months of November and December 2005, with several witnesses to these events and photo evidence in one of them, secured by means of a cell phone as confirmation of these events.

At 23:40 hours on Sunday, November 20, 2005 a crew of workers from the DYCASA corporation, engaged in expanding the breakwater located in the Port of Necochea, observed with wonder from the tip of the breakwater how an enormous circular object hung over the sea, heading toward the south.

It was a spectacular evening. The skies were clear, windless and it had been a very warm day, for which reason hundreds of Necocheans milled along the coastline enjoying a lovely night. It should be noted that workers are on duty 24 hours a day, working 12 hour shifts.

The object was large and circular, issuing multiple shades of blue, red, yellow and white without making any sound at all. The object or ball of light was suspended over the sea facing the city, heading southward over the waters.

Numerous witnesses on the coast observed the silent transit of this object, but perhaps the privileged witnesses of these events were the workers on the breakwater, whom as we have already said, were engaged in the remodeling and extension work for the 842 meter-long Southern Breakwater, extending it 400 meters into the sea and assembling a headland.

“While we worked on the breakwater’s tip, we saw the object that issued multiple lights over the sea. All of us were excited. Finally, after several minutes of observation, the object lost itself toward Punta Negra in the dark of the night,” says machine operator Carlos Franzoni, one of the witnesses to the phenomenon who saw the UFO along with other astonished co-workers.

It should be noted that Punta Negra is a coastal site in the city of Necochea, located some 10 kilometers from the beach’s central district, so-called due to the color of its iron-enriched sands. It is a region consisting of broad beaches, a common characteristic to all of the city’s beaches, rocky areas and cliffs.

When the local airport was consulted, we were told that no aircraft flew over the area and much less at that time of night.

We ourselves witnessed the maneuvers of that object as it vanished southward. We saw it as a luminous object of an intense red color that vanished into the dark of the night.

December 2005 – A New Incident

A new incident took place on Friday, December 16 2005 at 23:30 hours approximately when Oscar Salverón and his family were driving along Route 86. Only a few kilometers from the city of Necochea, their son noticed a large object suspended only a few meters from the ground on the side of the road and at a considerable distance away from them. The object was perfectly round and of considerable size.

It was their son who first saw the object and alerted his parents, leading them to believe that it was the Moon rising, but the son answered: “No, dad – the Moon’s on the other side and high up.”

Totally amazed and slowing down the vehicle’s speed, with Necochea almost in sight, the family noticed that the object appeared to “beat”, changing colors constantly and brightly. It was large and circular, resembling a massive lit-up balloon. Many other vehicles noticed the object, which after a several minutes picked up speed and vanished toward Necochea.

Oscar Salverón works as a planner for the CARGILL corporation and has an upstanding reputation within the firm.

The multicolored object vanished silently in the night, to the amazement of all witnesses.

That very same evening, another family noticed a large object plowing the clear and star-filled skies over Necochea at 23:00 hours while having dinner in their yard, located in the city’s beach district. The family of C.M. witnessed a large object flying silently as it left a wide luminous wake in its path. The observation was brief as the object vanished toward the sea.

Two UFO incidents were recorded in the city of Necochea on Friday, December 16, 2005 with multiple witnesses to said phenomena.

But the UFO activity of the city of Necochea does not end here – there still remained a further episode with photographic evidence obtained by a cell phone, which would be added to the local UFO case histories.

On Monday, December 26 2005, several people located in the Port of Quequén-Necochea sector and on the coastal region of the latter became witnesses to the transit of a yellowish-white circular object moving silently over the city.

Marcelo Pintacuda, an agent for Central Electrica Necochea de Centrales de la Costa Atlantica SA, a company devoted to generating electric power and located in the Necochea port district facing the sea and alongside the Quequén River, that separates the cities of Necochea and Quequen, was working overtime in his duties as a fireman overseeing the unloading of 8000 tons of fuel oil for the plant from the Antares I vessel out of Buenos Aires, moored at the Necochea docks. The fuel is employed, along with gas, to feed the station’s boilers.

Through his Motorola C650 cell phone, Pintacuda was able to take three photos of a highly luminous and circular object that appeared unexpectedly over the port district, flying over ships, barges, businesses and high-voltage wires leading to the Necochea beach district. The main witness managed to take three photos whose description became the basis of our interview: how a circular, yellow-white object had flown noiselessly over the port.

We have also found other witnesses to these events who confirm them; most of them live in the city’s Port district.

The photos were taken at 21:23 hours on Monday, December 26, 2005 and are the record of a new UFO incident over the Necochean airspace.

There can be no doubt that the months of November and December, 2005 were active with the presence of unusual aerial phenomena and also due to the large number of witnesses in all of these cases, finding commonalities in all of them: circular, silent and multicolored objects flying in a southerly direction and over the city of Necochea, Province of Buenos Aires. These new UFO cases are added to the UFO case histories with new photographic evidence confirming the sightings.

(translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU))


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