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Summary of Puerto Rico UFO Cases - February 2006

Summary of UFO Cases in Puerto Rico - February 2006

Reported to or Researched by OVNI.NET

and/or its collaborators

Compiled by: Lucy Guzman, OVNI.NET

Updated on: 2-14-06


Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico: UFO Photo

Type: I

Date: Tuesday 7 February 2006

Location: Juana D�az

Time: 2:57 P.M.

Witnesses: Mr. ADC (Pseudonym)

Evidence: Two Photos, one showing the UFO

Summary: �I am sending you a photo attached to this e-mail, as I found the results curious. The description of the event is the following. I was taking some sample shots of the sky to show the color difference when adjusting the �white balance�, a common characteristic in digital photography. I took several sample shots and it wasn�t until I verified them on a computer that I noticed that a mark appeared on one of the photos, in the clouds, and at least I cannot identify what it is. I know that it isn�t a �sun flare� because they appear differently and are visible in the photos. I am dismissing the possibility of a dusty lens, as I had cleaned it prior to making the test. Seconds later another photo was taken without this �object� appearing. The photos are unretouched, only compressed to send them by e-mail. Should you have any use for them, I will gladly send you the originals on a CD. The photo data is as follows. They were taken on February 7, 2006. The first photo (IMG_3699) was taken at 2:57 pm from the camera in my hand, standing in the carport, pointing south with a slight inclination to the west. But you can still notice the same cloud composition in the photographed area. I included this photo because it shows the same clouds but without the mark or object that appeared in the first photo. EXIF data for the photos is attached. You will find info on the focal length, shutter speed and lens opening. The camera used to take these photos was a Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT) 8.0 megapixel and a Canon 28-105mm lens USM. The lens has a UV haze filter on it at the time of the photo.

Evidence analyzed by: Alexander Rivera

Conclusions: Under analysis

Case referred by: The witness to Andrew �lvarez, and Lucy Guzm�n de Ovni.Net

Source: Andrew �lvarez de and Ovni.Net

Moca: Another Low-Flying C-130 Hercules

Type: I

Day: Thursday 9 February 2006

Location: Moca


Witnesses: Anonymous

Evidence: None

Summary: �There�s a C-130 flying at low altitude. I don�t know if it�s dumping anything, but I�ll try to notice if it is. There are many strange things going on around here, in the Ramey air base vicinity. Almost every day you see an airplane circling around. Unless I�m mistaken, it�s a military 4-engine plane.�

Case referred by: the witness himself to Lucy Guzm�n, Ovni.Net

Source: Ovni.Net

Yauco: More Low-Flying Aircraft Over Urban Area

Type: I

Day: Friday 10 February 2006

Location: Seen from Yauco Plaza

Time: 12:30 P.M.

Witnesses: Rafael�s father

Evidence: None

Summary: �My dad told me that they saw the C-130�s flying over the city of Yauco again. Today he was at Yauco Plaza when two Hercs flew over the area at low altitude. He told me that they fly exceedingly low and brushing the television and cell-phone towers on the hill that can be seen from Hwy#2 in Barinas. One of them was completely black and the other olive green (this latter one had regular cammo colors). He says that they turned in such a way that the wing tilted downward, almost touching the hillside. He says people phoned San Juan to report the presence of these vehicles over the area, and that it�s becoming a weekly routine. I will keep you informed as the events continue to occur. Curiously enough, an island-wide display of Federal operations took place today.�

Case refered by: Rafy, son of Rafael to Andrew �lvarez, and Lucy Guzm�n de Ovni.Net

Source: Andrew �lvarez de and Ovni.Net

Lares, Puerto Rico: C-130 Sightings Continue Over Urban Areas

Type: I

Day: Saturday 11 February 2006

Location: Lares

Time: Daytime

Witnesses: An employee of researcher Alexander Rivera

Evidence: None

Summary: �Today (Saturday) one of my employees from Lares came to get his paycheck and out of the blue told me that there was a military airplane (which he believes to be the C-130) flying low over the house of his mother-in-law in Lares. The aircraft makes turns and then comes back.�

Case referred by: The witness himself to Alexander Rivera and in turn, to Lucy

Guzm�n, Ovni.Net

Source: Alexander Rivera and Ovni.Net

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico: An Invisible �Something� Throws Coins and Stones at Elderly Couple

Type: Paranormal

Date: 13 February 2006 (From 2004 to the present)

Location: Adjuntas

Time: Various, but mostly in the morning, when the woman is making coffee.

Witnesses: The couple

Evidence: The change and the coins, which she keeps.

Summary: The woman widowed in 2003. In 2004 she remarried a man 15 years her senior. She is a farmer and he is a retiree. They lived on the lower floor of a two-storey house. Since they married, some invisible presence has pelted them with coins or river stones. There is a river � mile away from their home. They decided to move to another 500 feet away from the first, where her children stay. They have also been pelted with stones and coins at this location, and also when she goes out to to work the fields. No activity is currently taking place at the original hime. The husband confessed that he underwent these experiences prior to the marriage, leading to the understanding that it isn�t the woman�s late husband who is tossing coins and stones, but something that the new husband �dragged in�.

Reported by: The woman�s brother to Andrew Alvarez, by means of a cellphone call from Lucy Guzm�n

Researched by: Pending

Conclusion: Pending

Source: Andrew Alvarez Lucy Guzm�n

Caguas, Puerto Rico: Grandparents Accosted by Humanoid Ball of Light; Hear Voices in Unknown Language

Type: Paranormal

Date: February 13 2006, but has occured on other occasions.

Location: Caguas, Puerto Rico

Time: Mostly during the evening

Witnesses: The couple

Evidence: None

Summary: The couple sees a small, human-shaped ball of light. In one instance, the woman went outside and saw the ball. On another, the the ball emerged from the bathroom; the husband went into the bathroom and the ball followed him, only to vanish. The woman has heard voices in a strange language. The air conditioner perspires by day and she has to place a bucket to catch the water, but does not do this at night.

Reported by: Her nephew to Andrew Alvarez, and by phone to a Lucy Guzm�n

Researched by: Pending

Conclusions: Pending

Source: Andrew Alvarez, Lucy Guzm�n

(translation (c) 2006 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology)


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