Sunday, March 05, 2006

UFO history: The 1974 Santurce, P.R. Film

Every so often a little bit of UFO history comes our way. This time it takes the shape of a short videoclip of a landmark documentary produced and narrated by publicist Jorge Marquina in 1975 and bearing the title "Platillos Voladores Sobre Puerto Rico: Documento Confidencial" (Flying Saucers Over Puerto Rico: A Secret File). Appearing in the sequence of images is the 1974 UFO that appeared over the former Eastern Airlines building in Santurce -- a large district of San Juan, P.R. -- during a midnight-to-morning commercial shoot for a popular rum company.

Following Mr. Marquina's exposition of the facts, the viewer sees an airliner fly over the building, then the sudden appearance of an unexplained source of light that navigates is off camera, toward the enigmatic mountain rainforest known as El Yunque.

Marquina ends by asking: "Where did it come from? What did it come for? Where did it go?" - questions that remain unclear 30 years later.


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