Monday, August 28, 2006

Chile: Renewed Chupacabras Attack in Calama

Date: 08.26.06

ORBE - (Calama) Some residents of Calama's Chunchuri Bajo sector are concerned following an alleged new attack by the now-legendary "Chupacabras" after a number of animals appeared dead in one of the sector's plots of land.
Notice of the event occurred after a local woman heard strange noises on her rooftop. The next day she discovered that over 10 animals were dead in their pens.
The report was made by paranormal researcher Jaime Ferrer, who stated that this is not an isolated event, in his opinion. With regard to the aforementioned creature's attack, Ferrer explained that after becoming aware of the animal slaughter, he visited the site and interviewed the owner of Plot No.4. "What is strange about the affair is that if starving dogs had been involved, at least one of the animals would have been devoured. But quite the opposite occurred: no signs of bite marks or tearing could be fount on the animals; one of the rabbits presented a deep hole on its left side, a trademark of a Chupacabras attack."
According to the information, the pen showed signs of having been ripped apart. However, no one saw anything on the night of the attack. Perhaps the only sign that something was amiss involved the behavior of one of the small dogs owned by the affected Calama resident: the pet appeared grief stricken and even "cried" at times. The paranormal researcher stated that this is not the first time that this person has lost part of her animals to phenomena like this.
(translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Virgilio Sanchez, Miami UFO Center)


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