Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chile: "It can no longer be concealed. UFOs are a hazard."

Source: Las Ultimas Noticias (Chile)
Date: Thursday, February 8, 2007

Captain Bravo: "It can no longer be concealed. UFOs are a hazard."

Shy and offering explanations: That was how Captain (Ret.) Rodrigo Bravo of the Chilean Army presented the charter of the Tenth International Congress on Ufology in Via del Mar, organized by the AION-Chile group, who relied on the military man to open the debate on the relationship between the armed forces and unidentified phenomena.

But Bravo repeated often: "I am speaking from my personal point of view and do not represent the Army in any way." Thus, he had no choice than to expound, one by one, on the subjects discussed in his dissertation to graduate from flight school, the ones that mentioned UFO sightings by military and civilian aviation.

And just when the audience was beginning to nod off during the monologue, the captain uttered the sentence that made the hairs of the most hardened ufologists stand on end. "The only authority that can make pronouncements on UFOs is he Comite de Estudios de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos Espaciales (CEFAA). It is the official agency, unlike so many others that have been created. I say this, even though it may upset some." Those where his first broadsides. When he mentioned that ufology was not a science and "it was hard for it to be one, given the lack of common patterns," the audience stirred in its seats.

There was tension in the air when he detailed the events that caused him to look skyward. �What CEFAA still cannot accept are the goings-on at Estancia Baker. Since 1997, residents of this military property, Chileans and Argentineans, record 20 to 25 maneuvers a year. On one occasion, an object entered the precinct, entered the water tower, caused a blackout and took off," he reported.

The man had no choice but to acknowledge "this is something that can be concealed no longer. UFOs are a potential hazard for aerial operations."

Prior to Captain Bravo's presentation, the audience warmed up to a documentary on the Paihuano Case, where broadsides were fired against the police officers that, in 1998, concealed an alleged UFO crash in this locality of Chile's Fourth Region.

This was followed by the appearance of Armando Valdes, the fireproof soldier who became known in April 1977 when he vanished for 15 minutes after being completely enshrouded by a brilliant light near Putre. "I have struggled for years to find out what happened in the North (Putre); I have wrestled with God," admitted Valdes before a supportive audience that took in his words with deep emotion. "I want you to know that it took me a long time to get over being a weirdo," added the Army sergeant, who vanished from the stage after his presentation, as if he had been abducted yet again.

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales. Special thanks to Liliana Nunez, AFLA)


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