Friday, February 23, 2007

Mexico: Yucatan UFO a Balloon?

SOURCE: Diario de Yucatan
DATE: 02.02.07

UFO Turns Out To Be A Balloon?

Carlos Uicab Sulu never thought that keeping a religious promise to the Child of Atocha would cause such a sensation and wonder in Merida.
The promise consisted in launching a balloon into the sky, which was observed by several citizens of Merida, some of whom videotaped and photographed the balloon, not knowing what it was.

As we reporterd yesterday, the sighting of a strange light that caused curiosity among many people was recorded on Saturday.

Uicab Sulu promise to launch a balloon in the saint’s honor, and took advantage of a novena held in a house of the San Jose Vergel district. The balloon was raised aloft by a diesel flame and was adorned with luminaries.

Comment from Ana Luisa Cid: Merida researchers have not confirmed this news item. However it is feasible that the case may have been an error of perception on the part of the eyewitnesses, who mistook a balloon for a UFO.

(translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales IHU - Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Diario de Yucatan)


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