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Mexico: Chupacabras Strikes Again in Reynosa

Source: En Linea Directa
Date: 07.15.08

Chupacabras Strikes Again in Reynosa, Tamaulipas (Mexico)

According to an article published by journalist Armando Garcia in the En Linea Directa newspaper, rural growers of Reynosa fear for the lives of their animals...and their own lives as well, since a strange animal has appeared out of nowhere to mutilate cattle.

A rancher from the "El Porvenir" collective farm reported the deaths of several animals on the property, since after a two day absence from the farm, the owner returned to find that part of his herd was also dead, while other animals were still dying. Alarmed, he informed the authorities in hopes of starting an investigation.

Ricardo Humberto Varela, 50, lives at Rio Alamo 61, Colonia Longoria, and filed his complaint before Gerardo Trevino, a public magistrate, who in turn reported what had taken place at the "Artecitas" ranch in the El Porvenir collective farm.

The statement said that the rancher was startled to see what was happening in his ranch, since after a two-day absence, he found part of his herd dead. He checked each animal physically and found two puncture marks on their necks through which something had exsanguinated them.

He then inspected each corner of the ranch to determine what had taken place. He found the print marks of two small feet or claws, seemingly those of a strange entity or animal that broke into the ranch several times, slaying the livestock. The rancher lost 14 sheep, 10 chickens and five goats.While this official report makes no mention of the Chupacabras, it is believed that the modern mythical entity is responsible for this attack.

Ricardo Humberto Varela noted that he would destroy the carcasses by fire, but before doing so, he took several photographs that were appended to the investigation, which was given the number 295/007, as evidence of what had transpired at the "Artecitas" ranch in the El Porvenir collective.

It will be up to the police to ascertain the nature of the mysterious assailant on the ranch. It should be noted that in previous years, similar cases had been reported. If a new "Chupacabras" wave is involved -- a creature believed by some to be an invention or pure fiction, the collective ranchers of Reynosa will fear for the lives of their animals and their own, as no one has been able to guess the creature's true nature.
(translation (c) 2007, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)