Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Argentina: Expert Discusses Jujuy Sightings

Source: Jujuy al Dia (on-line newspaper)
Date: 10/15/2007 - 00:01

In an exclusive interview with Jujuy al Dia, Oscar Galindez, a UFO researcher in this province, discussed the perspective of science with regard to this phenomenon, speculations, and explained what was believed in other times. Among other subjects he discussed the myths and truths contained within the subject, UFO sightings in Jujuy and the time periods in which they normally occur.

Galindez stated that “official agencies, non-profit civilian associations made up by professionals, meteorologists, physicists, astronomers, digital photography specialists [exist] to determine whether the alleged film or capture of the phenomenon corresponds to a real object. It is necessary to be prudent when it comes to appraising phenomena of this sort that could escape physical laws. For this reason there is a branch of contemporary science that recommends that such phenomena not be investigated, due to a belief that nothing can go against the laws of nature.”

He added: “The most modern and sophisticated aircraft of the great powers cannot generate effects similar to the ones that people claim having seen in UFO phenomena. There is a branch of science that states that these manifestations are impossibility, because they violate traditional physics. I have always maintained, humbly, that the laws of nature are determined by man, the researcher, and have not been handed down by divine revelation. They are not dogmatic laws, and can be modified over time.”

Likewise, he noted, “Science has often had to acknowledge errors in the phrasing of its laws, concepts, criteria...there can be no dogmatism in science. Phenomena of this kind are not a matter of belief or faith. They are a matter of information, and if one is properly informed, at least one must admit the existence of the phenomenon.”

“To the degree that official bodies in the USA, Russia and recently France, have acknowledged that the phenomena studied have no reasonable explanations in terms of contemporary science, this does not detract from the event. Not enough to say – since we don’t know what it is, we won’t look into it. Science has the passion for inquiry, the need to find out other types of physical manifestations that are perhaps unknown to us.”

Oscar Galindez observed that “people, the witnesses of this type of phenomena, choose not to disclose their experience beyond a closed circle of friends and family, as disclosure can lead to ridicule.”

With regard to sightings, he said: “Yes, I have witnessed manifestations that match the parameters of the UFO phenomenon. Official agencies have vanished almost throughout the world, but research continues in a cautious manner. Basically, the security agencies are interested in the phenomenon because during the Cold War and the World Wars, both Americans and Russians believed that these manifestations were spy planes belonging to the opposite superpower.”

He continued by saying that “laws dictating the freedom of information, of classified data, concerning these sightings are supplied to the researcher but lacking important parts of the story, because some secrets still remain classified.

With regard to sightings in the province of Jujuy, he said: “One of the cases here in the province occurred during the appearance of Comet Halley, when many people went up to Tilcara, Humauaca. Two well-known Jujuy professionals would travel with their respective wives, and upon reaching the Tropic of Capricorn Monolith, saw a very powerful light in the sky, flying very slowly. At first they thought it was the comet, but later realized that this wasn’t the case, because it began descending and coming closer to their position. It came to within a distance of 50 meters and an altitude of 10, allowing them to see that the object had an unconventional configuration. In other words, it was a silver object that they described as icebox-shaped, approximately 3 meters tall by 10 meters wide. It had impressive and powerful lights, flew over the road slowly, tilted 45° and rose 200 meters. It stabilized, crossed the road again, descended and vanished.”

He added: “The first thing they wondered was: are they watching us, is it manned, is it a robot device? It was never known. No answer has been found to this very day.” He added that the professionals involved confirmed that there was absolute darkness over the area. “This is from the electromagnetic effect, which is like a force field generated by the phenomenon’s propulsion mechanism. Its radius wound appear to be very large, being that it is in the air at a considerable altitude. Sometimes lights go out and radios die when one is close to the source of this phenomenon.”

“Another case that took place here in the province involved a major businessman who was heading back from Paraguay with his wife, but already in Argentinean territory and in the vicinity of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, getting ready to enter the Metan – Ojo de Buey Expressway. They said that it was a very dark night around 22:00 hours in a place that’s very desolate with only a few animals along the route. They saw everything light up suddenly, as though it were daylight, but continued driving. They noticed that behind their vehicle, at a distance of 400-500 meters, were two luminous orbs in the sky, noticing that the two objects merged into a single one. This leads to another way of interpreting the phenomenon as manifestations of some unknown energy or truly material objects, but they are violating the law of the impermeability of matter. We don’t know. This is part of the questioning. The couple also managed to see, to their right, when the objects merged, what looked like a science fiction city with a bluish hue. But it lasted only a second. Upon merging, darkness returned. They went back the next day but only found desert.

He added: “Cattle mutilations represent another episode with a worldwide, universal pattern. These mutilations have nothing to do with satanic rituals. They follow a common pattern, involving a laser-type scalpel with immediate cauterization, since no blood is even present. What they do is take the entire right side off of a bovine, and even its nose on some occasions, but with technological perfection. The incisions are very precise. Hides have been removed, and tongues, genitals and anuses have been removed from the root with astonishing technology. There are no signs of trucks or other vehicles having driven by."

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis E. Pacheco, Proyecto Stratocat)