Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Argentina: Growing Concern over Mutilated Animals

Source: Territorio Digital
Date: 7 August 2007 -16:46 hours

Entre Rios Province: Growing Concern over Mutilated Animals

Cattlemen from the department of ParanĂ¡, Entre Rios, reported finding strangely mutilated animals in fields in this province.
The animals, all of them beef cattle, have had their genitals, tongues and udders removed, according to peasants.
The circumstance repeats itself relatively frequently in rural locations of this province and occurred this time in fields near Tabossi and Viale, to the northeast of the provincial capital.

Abel Gunter, one of the affected cattlemen, described the situation as "strange" and claimed that rural dwellers are displaying "concern" and intrigue over the mysterious animal deaths.

"We say that extraterrestrials are coming to mutilate our cows," said the cattleman in an interview with a local station. He insisted that there is "something odd" in the animal deaths, because dogs and wild animals in the area generally feed off of the dead cow remains, but refuse to approach the mutilated specimens.
"This is very strange, because no wild animal comes close to eat the remains of the dead cows," he said. Gunter explained that he found a mutilated cow in a densely wooded region in his fields and added that "the animal has such a perfect cut on its jaw that it inspires bewilderment."
The cattleman added that similar events have occured in neighboring fields and disclosed that the cow found dead on his property "has a burn on its hind leg that extends up to the knee," and whose origin he cannot explain.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez,
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