Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Argentina: New Cattle Mutilations in La Pampa

DATE: 16 August 2007

*** A Report from Raul Oscar Chaves ***

On July 30, 2007, two beef cattle specimens were found slain and mutilated at the "San Jorge" ranch located on Provincial Route No. 28, between rural routes 11 and 13 and between the locality of Cuchillo Có (some 250 km south of Santa Rosa) and the Sierras de Lihue Calel.

The mutilated cows were black Aberdeen Angus specimens with missing ears, tongues, incisions to their jawbones and missing udders. One of them was lying on its side and another on its back; the carcasses presented signs of extreme hardness in the limbs and hide. Upon being struck with a stick "...they sounded hollow, like a drum..."

Witnesses to the find were Marcelino Martinez and Hector Ruiz, a rural contractor and his employee, who were refurbishing and building rural homes.

It should be noted that there is no rural electricity in this region, and electrogenous units (generators) are employed for power. This circumstance keeps the locals from having access to television or radio (battery units excluded) and the only residents in the area are either transient or temporary.

At midnight on the night prior to the find, Ruiz decided to go out of the place he shares with Martinez to walk and smoke. It was here, and unexpectedly, that he saw a bright source of light at low altitude. It remained static "and gave out lights on all sides--red, green, blue, yellow..."

The light, whose width was equivalent ot the length of a cattle cage used for transporting livestock (some 10/12 meters), according to Ruiz's comparison, vanished after a few seconds and another smaller light appeared on the ground, but this time an intense bright green. Within this light was "...as small being standing some 50/70 centimeters tall, who remained motionless...". At this point Ruiz specifies "...I cannot say if it had a head and ears, but it was humanlike, since two legs could be seen..." This sighting lasted only a few seconds before the entity vanished altogether. The witness was deeply impressed by what he had seen, and decided to go back to bed and sleep.

Subsequently, and as is customary during work breaks, Ruiz and Martinez decided to explore the vicinity. Martinez found one of the cows in the proximity of a cutwater; the other cow was also found near another cutwater, both located within the rural premises. At this point they decided to inspect the place where Ruiz had seen the lights, some 40 meters from the place they spent the night. On the ground they located four holes measuring 2 cm in diameter and some 20 cm distant from each other, forming a square.

This ranch (San Jorge) was also the scene for several cases involving cow, horse, sheep and goat mutilations between 2002 and 2004. Both Martinez and Ruiz live in General Acha, some 120 km south of Santa Rosa, stating that in the area where the animals were found, it its quite common to see lights of various types and colors.

(Translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves)