Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Chile: Coquimbo's Phantom Train

SOURCE: El Día (newspaper) Coquimbo edition
DATE: August 11, 2007

CHILE: Coquimbo's Phantom Train

On a dark night, some all-terrain vehicles made their way along an unpaved road. Their drivers had just gotten off the shift at the Vulcano mining concern and were on their way back to Coquimbo and La Serena.

The first vehicle was driven by Mario and the second by an anonymous geologist. Both vehicles carried mining personnel who were ready to enjoy a few days of rest. The total complement was eight, some of them from Cerro Blanco.

The atmosphere was serene and the personnel at ease, since they were looking forward to their furlough. Mario was driving at some 70 km an hour along a perfectly straight, 15 km. stretch of road across a flat landscape. The Andean cordillera was behind him and the shoreline was in the distance ahead of them.

They were about to get on the Pan-American Highway, where they would make a left turn and head south. No one recalls the exact time, but it was agreed that it must have been around midnight.

"Suddenly I heard a loud noise, similar to when an earthquake is about to begin, only without any movement. It was like a subterranean noise, and then a powerful light appeared in the darkness. I braked, but not abruptly, and Aldo (the driver of the second vehicle) did the same. A locomotive pulling three cars crossed our paths. The cars had their lights, were well-lit, and we could hear the sound of people, as if engaged in conversation," said Mario.

This story was analyzed and the conclusion was reached that no such train could have existed, as it had been eliminated years ago. The case, dating from the year 2000, is still in the hands of the Instituto de Investigación y Estudios Exobiológicos.

(Special thanks to Raul Nuñez, IIEE)