Friday, February 22, 2008

Argentina: "Chance UFOs" in La Pampa

Raul Oscar Chaves from the "Ciufoslapampa" organization has very kindly provided the attached images to INEXPLICATA.

He writes: "These photos were taken at the Don Tomas Lagoon, located on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, La Pampa. They were taken by one of our group's collaborators who is also an enthusiast of photography. At the time that these images were taken, nothing led the photographer to suspect the presence of "chance UFOs", which were detected when the photos were downloaded to the computer. These images were taken using a 5 megapixel Sony camera and were taken during the month of January of this year."

INEXPLICATA would like to thank Raul Oscar Chaves not only for these photos, but for the startling images that have been obtained in the province of La Pampa for a number of years.