Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Argentina: Photos of a Possible UFO in Chubut

Source: FAO--Luis Burgos
Date: 02.26.2008

Argentina: Photos of a Possible UFO in Chubut

UFO researcher Luis Burgos of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO -Argentinean Ufological Foundation), has provided us with pictures taken by Marta Fourcade, a native of Buenos Aires who captured an alleged UFO over Lago Menendez, located in the Los Alerces National Park near the Torrecillas Glacier (province of Chubut).

Ms. Fourcade employed a Kodak Easy Share 1003 in taking the photo, for which a date of 23 January 2008 is given. According to Burgos, Ms. Fourcade did not see anything out of the ordinary in the landscape, and was only aware of the object after downloading.

"Our photographic consultant, Jorge Luis Figueiras, has submitted the results of his analysis from Alto Valle, Rio Negro," writes Burgos. "What we suspected from the start was confirmed - a spectacular UFO was flying over that magnificent geography!"

(Translation (c) 2008 IHU. Special thanks to Luis Burgos)