Monday, April 07, 2008

Argentina: No Information on Alleged Meteorite

Source: Diario AP Noticias (Villaguay, Entre Rios, Argentina)
Date: 04/07/08

Argentina: No Information Regarding the Alleged Meteorite Crash

*** Meteorite Fell in Colonia Baylina and was Seen Throughout the Region***

Rumors have so far led to the belief that the “meteorite that fell in Colonia Baylina, Dept. of Colon, is located in the vicinity of the La Paulina ranch” but silence or denial have kept further information about this event from emerging.

Eyewitnesses to the extraordinary phenomenon have added details about what crossed the skies of Villaguay and the region. Aside from describing it as an immense red fireball underneath and sky blue on top, with a trail of small shiny particles like a tail, residents of the department have described smelling an odor resembling burnt wiring as the object went overhead.

One witness, Miguel Amoroto, currently president of the “La Rocka Moto Club”, described the event thus: “Last night we were traveling from San Salvador to Villaguay in a group of 13 people. Shortly after 22:00 hours, we were passing the entrance to Villa Clara and at that time, the sky literally turned to daylight. We could see the continuation of the road, the fields, even some chicken coops in the horizon, right in the middle of the night. The phenomenon didn’t last more than four seconds. [The sky] went from midnight blue and turned to sky blue (almost white) and then turned red for an instant, in the same way as some sunsets do, and suddenly turned off. After this, we pulled over to the curb to discuss the experience we’d been through. Most of believe that this phenomenon took place east-southeast with regard to our position. We regretted not having traveled in the opposite direction, since this would have allowed us to see the events more clearly. After having discussed the occurrence for more than 4 minutes, and as we nearly got ready to resume the journey, a powerful explosion was felt in the atmosphere and on the surface. This enabled us to deduce that some meteorite was involved.”

Some people confessed to feeling afraid and the majority was amazed at being able to witness something unknown that they may never see again in their lifetimes, given the distance at which it took place and the magnitude of the extraordinary phenomenon.

(Translation (c) 2008. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Pablo Lasa, Ariel Coppola, Fernando Lizardo of Grupo G.A.B.I.E)