Monday, April 07, 2008

Argentina: UFO Flies Over El Chocon

Source: Noticias On Line
Date: 04/03/08

Argentina: UFO Flies Over El Chocon

A young man who was making a domestic video recording with his cellphone captured the presence of a strange flying objects in the skies of Neuquen.

Jorge Villarreal became aware of the unusual find once he returned to his home in Neuquen after having spent a few days with his girlfriend. Upon reviewing the videos created with his cellphone, he realized that he had captured the flight of a UFO over the El Chocon area.

The images show Jorge’s girlfriedn and then the lakeside landscape at a place known as “El Faro”, near a campsite. A small moving point can be seen almost imperceptibly from a given angle. When the image is paused and advanced frame by frame, a sort of saucer-shaped object with a dark base and a light colored rear section can be clearly seen.

Villarreal reported to the studios of Radio y Televisión del Neuquén (RTN) to make the news known. Technicians at the TV station’s editing room analyzed each of the frames of the film and attested that the mysterious object indeed appeared in the images. They believed that photographic trickery with a cellphone such as Jorge’s was virtually impossible.

“As the skies were clear, it’s possible to see the black disk very clearly,” said the youth during an interview with RTN.

Jorge stated that this was the first time he had experienced such a situation.

”The fact is that I couldn’t believe it. We went over the video many times with friends and co-woerkers,” he said, still stunned by the discovery.

Villarreal says that the most noteworthy detail is that while he was making the recording in which the UFO appears, both he and his girlfriend began feeling intense headaches and an unexplained tiredness. “We had slept well and didn’t have any reason to feel so tired,” he added. They ascribed it at the time to the long hike they’d taken around the lake, but when they discovered the flying object in the recording, they thought that their condition could perhaps be related to the presence of the UFO.

Jorge will surely never forget his experience. The proof that he was very near a flying saucer, a UFO or whatever it was, is still inside his cellphone. Wherever he goes, he has no objection to showing the video and explaining what it all meant to him on that unusual Sunday as he observed the majestic landscape under the skies of Neuquen.


(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO).