Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Argentina: Two UFOs Over Ledesma

Source: El Tribuno Digital (Salta)
Date: 05.26.08

ARGENTINA: Two UFOs Over Ledesma

*** Two UFOs crossed the skies over Ledesma on Sunday ***
*** Event photographed by journalist; phenomenon analyzed and confirmed by Mexican
"ufologist" ****

Two unidentified flying objects plowed the skies over Libertador Genera, San Martin
and neighboring regions at noon on Sunday. It would seem that the phenomenon went
largely unnoticed by most of the population, as there was radiant sunshine and the
sky was completely clear, aside from the fact that UFOs allegedly traveled at very
high speed.

The strange presence, however, was photographed by young Florencia, 12, the daughter
of journalist Marcelo Pereyra, as she took photos near a canefield that lies halfway
between that city in Ledesma and the so-called Lote Paulina.

Upon downloading the photos to his PC, Mr. Pereyra noticed that one of them, taken
at 11 hrs, 11 minutes and 22 seconds on Sunday, May 18th, depicted two strange objects
that had not been seen when the photos were taken, not even in an early picture
taken two seconds earlier. It was thus that he began to expand the images and saw
two flying objects at an elevation of no more than two hundred meters heading toward
the Calilegua Hills, as he told our morning newspaper, of which he is also a correspondent.

Startled by the image, he published it on a website (ledesmaonline.com.ar) hoping
to garner some comments or the eyewitness account of another person who may have
seen the objects fly over the skies of Ledesma.

He immediately received a comment from a Mexican "ufologist", Ing. Leopoldo
Lazcano Antillon, director of Grupo Daleph (josheva2022@hotmail.com) who analyzed
the photos with other specialists, reaching a preliminary conclusion: "[it
involves] two flying objects (of steel or metallurgical construction) at an unknown
rate of speed or vibration."

The Mexican specialist also indicated his willingness to analyze any other image
that may have been taken of the phenomenon that occurred near Libertador.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Mercedes Casas)