Monday, January 12, 2009

Argentina: Impressive Red Sphere Caught on Video

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: January 12, 2009

Argentina: Impressive Red Sphere Caught on Video
By Cristian Soldano

[The object] lit up in the vicinity of the Moon around 23:32 hours with a notable aperture, after engaging in a descending trajectory to the west. At a given moment, the object stops and remains suspended for an instant. It later increases in magnitude and gives off three (3) considerable flashes, turning on and off until it ceases to be visible between each flash.
This impressive video, taken by Cristian Soldano, displays one of the facets of the so-called “UFO Flashes” during their apparition process. In 2008, researcher Asdrubal Acosta witnessed this same process recorded here by, and who remarked that was truly startling was to see an enormous “opening sphere” of a red color, a very intense, luminous shade of red.

The video was recorded just as Mr. Soldano was heading toward Rio de la Plata in the vicinity of Martinez, where he would meet up with other researchers to conduct a skywatch. Also in attendance were Carlos Turus, Demian Heras of Solida Evidancia, Mariano Lattes (known as YouTube user MEL3D, who recently obtained several excellent videos) and Juan Motta. The video was recorded with a Sony TRV 310 in a normal – nightshot – color- slow shutter 2 mode, without a tripod, from the town of Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires. Editing was done with the Sony Vegas Pro 8 program without no brightness or contrast correction.

A Witness to the Event

Roberto Muela Yañez, a veteran researcher, witnessed a UFO ascending vertically during daylight hours in the company of his father in Uruguay. He also witnessed this phenomenon from the locality of Tortuguitas with binoculars, and agrees with Cristian Soldano that it is not a conventional phenomenon; on the contrary, he believes this manifestation to be tied to the UFO phenomenon.

On Monday, January 5, he witnessed the phenomenon again, but this time with arc-to-arc visuals, at a greater elevation and following a different trajectory. An exclusive video also exists of the original story that Mr. Muela shared with Christian Soldano, when he witnessed the ascent of an object shaped like “a metallic egg” in Uruguay, an event also witnessed by his father. This is a case with considerable details from a UFO standpoint, one that Roberto experienced directly a long time ago.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Orbital Vision and Guillermo Gimenez)