Saturday, January 10, 2009

Argentina: UFO over the Gualcamayo Mine

Date: 01.10.09

Argentina: UFO Over the Gualcamayo Mine

On December 20, the day on which the most powerful earthquake in 3 years made itself felt in San Juan province, some 20 persons witnessed a UFO that was photographed in Jachal at the mining zone where the Gualcamayo Mine is located, according to the Diario de Cuyo de San Juan.

It was in the air for a few seconds and took off at high speed. Moreover, at that very same moment, all of the machinery in service at the site stopped working. Images of another object were seen in Caucene in November. Feeling tired, 20 mine workers were heading back to their shanty at 18:00 hours on that day to get some food and relax. Suddenly, one of them, using his hand to shield him from the sun’s rays, saw something odd in the sky. He told his companions, and somewhat frightened, they took a photo of the object with a cellphone. They continued their journey, following the object with their stares, but the black spot that remained motionless for a few seconds over the landscape vanished quickly, according to the witnesses. At the same time, but in the area where drilling operations are conducted, a powerful buzzing sound was reported and machines stopped working with perfect synchronization, as if all of the operators had shut them down at the same time, say company workers.

Several photos have already been circulated via cell phone, but the sharpest images were those taken from the passenger van. Some accounts dismiss the likelihood of an interplanetary visit, claiming that it could have been the weather service balloon or even a garbage bag flying aloft in search of fame. However, aside from the passengers in the vehicle, it is said that 25 others saw it from the mine, and they only accepted the UFO alternative. After the strange object vanished, say operators, machinery returned to normal operation.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo GABIE and Guillermo Gimenez)