Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chile's Volcan Llaima Photo - Not a UFO?

Chile's Volcan Llaima Photo - Not a UFO?

Allegedly taken by Fernando Yañez Munoz, a staff sergeant in the Chilean army, on December 6, 2008, the Volcán Llaima photo presents a stunning volcanic landscape and a bright spot of light on its upper right hand side: an alleged UFO. While this image is remarkably attractive, and would make a fine cover for a saucer-related book or periodical, there is reason to believe that the digital photo's true nature is far closer to the mundane.

Chile's IIEE presented an analysis of the Volcán Llaima photo performed by renowned Mexican analyst Leopoldo Zambrano. Zambrano was one of the directors of the now defunct of Fundacion Cosmos, A.C. and currently spearheads Informe UFO. His analysis suggests that despite the claim that the photo was taken at 11:15 a.m.,” the camera's flash was triggered.”

Zambrano offered the following technical information to the IIEE:
File type: JPEG; File size: 259.3 KB; Date created: 12/06/2008 11:15; Last modified: 12/30/2008 00:41: Make: FUJIFILM (; Camera: FinePix Z10fd; Software: Picasa 3.0: Focal length: 6.3 mm Actual; Aperture: F8; Exposure time: 1/300" Flash: Flash fired, compulsory flash mode, red-eye reduction mode.

Employing EXIF data provided Zambrano, Jorge Luis Figueras, photo analyst for the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO), determined that the technical data for the FinePix Z10fd camera "confirms that [the UFO in the picture] is in fact a reflection of the camera's flash against glass, as the shape corresponds exactly to the FinePix's rectangular flash bulb," and attached a photo showing a superimposition of the elements involved.