Monday, January 19, 2009

Nicaragua: Strange Object Over Managua

Date: 01.18.09
Source: El Nuevo Diario – Nicaragua

Nicaragua: Strange Object in the Skies of Managua

The first thing he thought was that it must be a helicopter or something broken off. However, the phenomenon remained in the same place and appeared to be growing closer.

A sign from God? Representative Talavera believes that when phenomena of this sort manifest, they are “signs from God” and that good things are to come. Talavera also phoned the editor of EL NUEVO DIRIO, Juan Ramon Huerta, who was also a witness to the event.

“That thing was multi-shaped,” he says, and immediately took out his small camera, pointing its lens at the strange object.

Was it an unidentified flying object, a UFO? Huerta cannot say for sure. The fact is that he “feasted” on the heavenly apparition for several hours from his home in Colonia del Periodista, phoning friends at times to ask them to see it as well.

Huerta followed up on the possible UFO until 11:00 pm, when it vanished, according to his account. The light, he says, adopted several shapes: first that of a fetus, then a bone, and then moved and left a wake of smoke in its path. It also appeared to have a fiery tip.

“The [object] adopted an elongated shape and had fire in its tip, and that light appeared to come down to earth,” added Huerta.

The photos taken by the editor of END suggest that the object has a metallic sheen, while nocturnal photos taken by photographer Xavier Castro show a halo of light surrounding a seemingly solid object. It is also reminiscent of a fried egg.

There are no “ufologists” is Nicaragua, as there are in other countries, so we unable to double-check what we saw with experts who spend their time scanning the skies waiting for the so-called “big brothers” to appear.

Another witness was Lisandro Roque. He saw [the object] in the same area as Huerta. He said that “it was much too bright” and did not seem like a star to him.

END contacted Aeronáutica Civil, but one of the employees said that he had no information and that no reports had been received. An effort was also made to obtain information through the Instituto Nicaraguense de Estudios Territoriales, but the girl on duty at the time professed having a lack of knowledge on the phenomenon.

Perhaps the country’s astronomers will have a less extraterrestrial explanation to the event, such as perhaps some luminous afternoon star approaching its trajectory to that of the earth, providing the wonderful spectacle enjoyed by so many.

(Photo: Xavier Castro, El Nuevo Diario)
(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)