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Mexico: Panic Over "Humanoid" in Chihuahua

Source: El Heraldo de Chihuahua
Date: March 27, 2009

Panic Over "Humanoid" seen in La Junta, Guerrero (Chihuahua)

Newsroom - Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua - The Man Bat, who seems to have popped out of some fiction movie, is a real creature that caused a young student from the local university--and a resident of La Junta -- to panic. It is a being witnessed by several locals who have described it as a winged humanoid with a fur-covered face and a height of 2 meters.

This all coincides, by the way, with the killings of sheep by decapitation in several ranches. The young man, a non-smoker, non-drinker and non-drug user, is called ? and does not want his name in print.

And he has not yet recovered from the experience that evening - Friday, March 6 at 23:50n hours, as he left Universidad Regional del Norte and headed home to La Junta.
However, when he reached Puente Sin Nombre, he was forced to hit the brakes and make an emergency stop. There was a shadowy bulk on the asphalt, looking like a hunched-over man , perhaps covered by a blanket.

Upon approaching, the still unknown figure rose to its full height, leaped forward twice, unfurled enormous bat-like wings that probably covered the width of the lane, and took to the air.

The young man in question - a serious and outstanding student in his coursework, didn't think twice. He floored the accelerator of his Liberty, burning rubber as he tried to flee from the unknown.

A desperate, fifteen minute chase ensued. The strange creature flew with the power of its rear wings, which were smaller, keeping abreast of the vehicle and peering through the passenger window.

The fear became more intense, and the youngster only thought to call home via his cell phone. His mother answered the phone, and she asked why she could hear the noise of a vehicle trying to reach full speed.

His voice broken by tears, the witness tried to describe that a man, or perhaps a winged animal, was chasing him. His first notion was that it was an apparition, a shaped assumed by Death, and it prompted him to scream in despair: " I'm going to die! I'm going to die!"

He now says that it could have been a hallucination of sorts, but upon reflecting on the entity that chased him for over 15 minutes, he feels shivers again. And he says: "No, it was no illusion." This is the closest brush he has had with fear.

The description is somewhat vague, but the image haunts him when he is unable to sleep. A man with red, bloodshot eyes, standing 2 meters tall, judging by the full length of the Liberty. Two pairs of wings, one large, another small, which allowed it to achieve unimaginable speed; small kangaroo-like hands that it held loosely and without strength, which repeatedly struck the glass of the passenger side window. Its face was covered by some sort of fur, with a protruding dome-shaped forehead and those bloodshot eyes.

This creature was seen in the vicinity of Cimbraplay, near Saenz Guerrero, where several sheep were found dead in recent days at three different ranches. They had all been slain in the same fashion: a large cut to the neck and another on part of the tail.

Another family also claims having seen it in the Mesa de Gonzalez segment of the road to San Juanito, and provides a similar description. With regard to that night, the mother says: "I had never heard him like that, and much less seen him in the state he arrived: shivering, pale and in the midst of a nervous breakdown."

The young man is well thought of in his school and it is said that they are already looking into the presence of this mythic being. The legend of the Man-Bat of La Junta appears to have been born as well.

It Appears Again Near the Cemetery

"I saw the Santa Muerte (Holy Death)." These words were spoken in the most serene tone that one could have after such a bitter experience. It was a remark made by Ivonne, and it never left the household. She shared it with her mother and husband. No one else.

It wasn't until now that they realize that the entity matches the description of the Man-Bat seen in the La Junta region, and which reappeared only days ago at the graveyard gate.

Ivonne (not her real name) is a young mother who dropped off a friend in a sector of La Junta after spending time with her at home, near the new highway to Guerrero. The time was 9:00 at night when she was coming back along the old road that passes by the cemetery.

It was at that time that it saw an enormous figure at the graveyard gate. It resembled a long statue and looked like a person covered in a blanket or a black cape. She felt a shiver and accelerated her truck. She thought it was la Santa Muerte and that she was probably going to die on the road between the graveyard and her home.

Upon returning, she told her mother and husband what she'd seen, and said that it was perhaps the Holy Death, but she was very serene about it, and matters remained at that -- a remark that reemerged when they read about the first event in El Heraldo, in which a college student described his traumatic experience.

The description given in the El Heraldo del Noroeste article led her to believe that it was the same thing that she'd seen, and her mother and husband agreed on this.
Upon visiting the cemetery gate, she noticed that the creatures height was truly impressive, given that the gate's archway measures 4 meters from the ground, and the witness states that as she drove past, the [creature's head] nearly touched the top of the gate.

The college student estimated [the creature's] height at some 2 meters, based on the fact that when it chased him for 15 kilometers, its body's length covered the length of the Jeep Liberty he was driving at the time.

The Legend of the Man-Bat has continued yielding narratives: residents of La Junta now say that there is another youngster who also saw this mysterious, supernatural presence. However, they say that the impression was such that this fellow is currently hospitalized somewhere due to a nervous shock. This story has yet to be confirmed.

More Reports: Creature Seen Trapped In Hail-Proof Netting, Talk of a Possible Photograph

A month after the first manifestation or eyewitness account, in this community and its vicinity, some 40 miles from Cuauhtémoc, more stories are being told. It appears to be a fear that is becoming widespread or else a reality that its becoming generalized. Children have also seen it.

It is said that in the downtown area two children went out for a drink of water from the pump in the middle of the back yard. That's when they saw an enormous bird gliding around. Fear caused them to return to the house running and panting.
A young woman claims having heard a noise like the squealing of a mouse, strange sounds on the roof and the flapping of wings.

However, an even closer encounter occurred in Huerta El Rosario, surprisingly close to the first apparition in the vicinity of Puente Sin Nombre, where a watchman heard sounds he'd never heard before.

On the ATV he employs to cover the full extent of the farm, he reached the point where he thought the noises emanated from. What he saw was simply indescribable and the only command his brain issued at the time was to flee at full speed. The red-eyed creature was trapped by the hail-stone preventive netting and was struggling to escape, which it surely managed to do, as it wasn't there the next morning.

The story and remarks are the result of paranoia, perhaps, but everyone is starting to wonder about the existence of a photo that someone took. At least this is what a Public Safety officer has said, but he could not be reached to corroborate the story.
Furthermore, 20 kilometers away, at El Baje or Agua Caliente, a witness to the impressive flight of this being simply collapsed from a heart attack. It is said that he is being treated in one of the region's hospital, but his identity is being concealed for the time being. If found, he would still be in no condition to discuss his encounter.

(Translation (c) 2009. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to El Heraldo de Chihuahua and Ana Luisa Cid)