Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Puerto Rico: Follow-Up on the Guanica Sightings

Source: Argus-PR
Date: 04.14.09

Puerto Rico: Follow-Up On the Guanica Sightings
By José A. Martínez

Several witnesses to the April 7 event at 6:15 a.m. were intervied. Witness One mentions seeing the object from the parking lot of the Guánica government center at the time in question. He was able to see what was coming down from the sky at a 45-degree angle from West to East, at a velocity that was too slow to be an aerolith or space junk. When the object reached a certain altitude and distance from the coast, it exploded, but two objects emerged from the explosion: one headed south to the open sea and the other continued on the same West to East path along the coast.

Later, I interviewed two fishermen and inquired about the phenomenon seen from land by some people, asking if they were able to witness it at sea. One of them replied: "Do you mean the large basketball-shaped UFO that was in flames as it went from Lajas to Guánica?" I told him yes, that was the object in question. The fisherman then said: "I was setting lobster traps and when I was underwater, my friend tugged on the cord that we employ to warn each other of any dangers, or if any government agency stops by to see if we're fishing legally, I surfaced and saw my friend shouting, asking me to get out the water and look at what was coming from the west. It was then that I saw that tremendous fireball coming toward us in a nosedive. But after it reached a given height it exploded without making a sound, and two large luminous objects emerged -- one headed for the open sea and the other westward, as if toward Guayanilla."

I then asked if this was the first time he'd seen phenomena of this nature. "Hoo!" he answered, "out at sea you'll see some things that'll scare you. For instance, I've seen strange things with lights pass right under my boat at high speed in the very early hours of the morning. This has been going on for many years on the Guánica coast."

A very interesting event occurred today as I embarked upon the interviews. As I headed for Guánica's Jaboncillo Beach to take photos of the object's likely trajectory, I noticed a white airplane with no visible markings flying at a very low altitude in violation of Federal aviation standards. Seeing that it was unidentified, I took several photos of the aircraft, which was flying at a very low altitude along the same trajectory of the object seen days later. I took some photos of the area and other sites, and manage to capture some interesting images that I share with you here.

(Translation (c) 2009. S. Corrales, IHU)