Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Argentina: Analysis of the Cerro Tres Picos Image

Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO has sent us a report by photo analyst Jorge Figueras, part of the FAO (Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía) research team, regarding the photo of an alleged UFO taken at Cerro Tres Picos in Argentina:

"Hello Guillermo. I'm attaching the image from Sierra de la Ventana. The one that was uploaded to Planeta UFO did not define its contour properly, but an explanation for this can be found in the image's format, which was taken at 1/30 sec, rather low, and the hyperfocal is somewhere around 3.74 meters (this is the point of maximum clarity in the photo). Nevertheless, refinement begins to yield a contour that could correspond to that of a bird in flight. Please bear in mind that the aperture's low speed must be taken into consideration a long with the distance of greatest clarity (barely 3.74 meters). If it is a bird, it corresponds to the clarity with which the trees on the hill can be seen. This was what I was able to glean. See below the information on the photo, distances and speeds. This information may be incorrect if the image has been resized or modified in any way."

Aperture: 2.6
Confusion Circle: 0.003 mm
Visual Field: 39.3 gra
Focal Distance: 5.8 mm (35 mm equal to 50.4 mm)
Hyperfocal Distance: 3.74 m
Scaling Factor Equivalent to 35 mm : 8.7
Shutter Speed: 1/30
Image Thumbnail: (3897 bytes binary data)

Inexplicata thanks Guillermo Gimenez and Jorge Figueras for this information.