Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spain: Antonio José Alés (Transition)

The Spanish UFO community has lost another of its leading lights, a name not readily known in English-reading circles of the paranormal: Antonio José Alés, whose late night broadcasts on Spain's SER network enthralled an entire generation, and prompted many listeners to become active members in Iberian UFO/paranormal research. Alés's "Medianoche" program initially aired on August 1, 1977 to fill the warm evenings of the month-long vacation season. Alés became widely known for his Alertas OVNI (UFO Alerts) -- nationwide skywatches involving his listeners. The first of these events, in August 1979, was one of the most successful of its kind, attracting an unheard-of radio audience of 12 million.

While this pioneering radio show last aired in 1995, just as its spiritual offspring (Mundo Misterioso, Espacio en Blanco and others) became the on-air presence of a new generation, Alés trailblazing effort was never forgotten and "Medianoche" is still considered a high point in paranormal broadcasting.

Photo courtesy Ramón Alvarez.