Thursday, July 09, 2009

1947: Another UFO Over Chile

Raul Nunez of the IIEE has kindly shared another 1947 case with us, this item coming from the files of the late Luis Altamirano. Although the document is blurry and there is text missing, we share it with you as it was received:

Source: La Unión (newspaper)
Date: Tuesday, July 22, [1947]

Flying Disc Seen in Puerto Montt by Several People; Also Seen in Valdivia

Undulant motion noted, giving off spectacular flashes – it lost itself behind the Calbuco Volcano to the astonishment of local residents

We have received word from Puerto Montt, dated the 19th, that don Carlos Miranda and several workers of the Bacteriológico (hospital), witnessed the transit of a mysterious object. According information obtained from the city of Valdivia, the object was also seen around 17:00 hours.

In the information provided by Sr. Miranda, he says that the object floated in space, made undulant movements and descended very rapidly, appearing to give of flashes. Its shape was that of a true disk.

In order to verify his observation. Sr. Miranda immediately summoned workers Hubelin Soto, Mario Aguero, Aladino Nuñez and Rafael Ojeda, asking them to look toward the indicated location, asking them to [missing text]

...asking them to test, that he was seeing once more a strange body that gave of flashes with each undulating motion. This mysterious disk vanished upon reaching the [remainder of text illegible].

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to the departed Luis Altamirano and to IIEE Chile]