Monday, July 27, 2009

HOAX - The Beings of Light at Ongamira

We received word today from Argentinean UFO researcher Daniel Valverdi of CODIGO OVNI providing a backstory to the INEXPLICATA posting "Argentina: Beings of Light in Ongamira?"

Mr. Valverdi reports that Pablo Dessy sent him the JPG file in September 2008, stating that he was at that location - but not in the photo - and that they had actually seen that manifestation. The photo file was manipulated "in order to remove someone who did not want to be in it."

The image was submitted to Salvatore Carta for analysis. The result? The photo shows nothing aside from two people lit by the sun, overexposing them as they enter the cave. The same condition can be seen on the surface upon which the "beings" are standing.

INEXPLICATA thanks Messrs. Valverdi and Carta for their efforts at setting the record straight.