Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Argentina: Mutilated Cow Found in Quebrachitos

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Necochea
Date: 08.10.09

Argentina: Mutilated Cow Found in Quebrachitos

The mystery that has caused unrest among rural residents repeats itself in the Department of Victoria's Quebrachitos wilderness.

Last Saturday, a VISION OVNI team consisting of Néstor Gaioli, Walter Vergara, Georgina Moreyra, Silvia Pérez Simondini and Andrea Pérez Simondini traveled to Quebrachitos, specifically the area known as "La Capilla", where only a few meters away could be found an animal that had been dead for several days, "showing only traces of bloody fluid around its lower jaw, through which broken hydioid bones could be seen."

The animal was found by two local youths while hunting. They contacted Nestor Gaoli, informing him that a mutilated cow had been discovered in the wilderness, displaying a very visible incision to its jaw. Néstor quickly contacted the rest of the VISION OVNI team, which reported to the site.

The team's purpose from the start was to meet the youths who would direct them to the dead animal's exact location. "A black cow, some three years old, was dead only meters away from the roadside, at the entrance to a forested area in which an abandoned house and church could be seen."

The team took this as corroboration that such phenomena would be repeated throughout the area, since according to locals "the UFO phenomenon is repeatedly seen in this area." This gave the investigation an added boost, "additional content, as in recent weeks, strange lights have been reported in these rural areas."

Upon arriving, they contacted the witnesses who took them to the location. "We crossed the barbed wire and could corroborate what we were seeing at a distance. The carcass displayed an odd, major incision from the jaw to the neck. The [carcass] was oriented with the head toward the SE and the hindquarters to the NO - a typical position in such cases. No traces of blood were found around the animal, nor was there any sign of the characteristic kicking before the death. The jawbone was entire, but separated from the carcass. On the other hand, the serrated incision that differentiates the wound from a conventional one [was also evident]. No human footprints were found, and we could not find the prints made by the two young men, but we did find traces of the cow's path. We identified is as coming from the interior of the forested area to its place of death. There was even a final bowel movement near the body. Our goal was to find two things - remains of the whitish fluid and the other bluish fluid, without any further results," state members of the team on their website.

They added: "In this instance, you can see it on videotape. We were pleased to find the serrated incision thanks to the skill of Walter Vergara, who found it in the anal region. We took a sample, as the incision is hard to find, in order to hold it as a sample for comparison. We are indebted to the training given to us by Dr. Daniel Belot of SENASA in Salliqueló, as it was he who found this pattern of incisions in Argentinean cattle. Once the sample was taken, we concentrated on the mammary glands. They showed a perfect circular incision, with four glands affected by this perfect form of extraction. We extracted a sample that we deemed the most valuable for comparison purposes as well," they reported in a written statement to Diario Victoria.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)