Monday, September 28, 2009

Argentina: Bolide Explodes over La Pampa

Source: Diario Textual (Argentina) and CEUFO

Argentina: Bolide Explodes Over La Pampa

Dozens of residents of La Pampa and southern Mendoza reported a powerful explosion in the skies over the region at around 18:30 hrs (09.27.09). According to the first unofficial reports, it could be a meteorite that entered the atmosphere and fell in the area between the Pampean localities of Santa Isabel and General Alvear.

The weather bureau has still not provided any official information on the phenomenon seen in the atmosphere.

The explosion – and even a ground tremor – was felt in southern Mendoza.

“Since 18:30 hours there was a cloud and an explosion that was felt throughout almost the entire town,” said sheriff Julio Alcaraz of the community of Santa Isabel, 320 km west of Santa Rosa and 40 km south of Mendoza. “It was also felt at the filtration plant south of the Mendoza [provincial line], where the ground even shook, according to workers.”

In the town of Relmo, 100 km east of the provincial capital, Jose Luis Cuadrado also saw the phenomenon. “It was still daylight and a fireball could be seen in the horizon, like headlight falling from the sky. Before it hit the ground, there was an explosion that formed clouds. Something else kept falling behind it and in a matter of seconds, only smoke remained.”

If it exploded, it could be a bolide. The case is being investigated,” said UFO researcher Oscar “Quique” Mario.

“A powerful explosion was heard, and it caused windows to rattle. Then there was smoke, and according to some, tongues of flame, reported by people who came to the Sheriff’s Office, said deputy Riveros of the Carmensa (Mendoza) sheriff’s department to the MDZol. Com site.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Diario Textual at and Quique Mario at Photo credit: Pablo Cagnasso)