Thursday, October 15, 2009

CE-3: Argentina's Viale Case (1986)

In a society where everything seems to be going faster and faster (there was even a book on the subject – Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything by James Gleick), UFO research is no exception. The cycle of information blows past fascinating cases that deserved closer attention, and very often do not get it until much later, if ever. And so it is with the report forwarded to us by our contributing editor Guillermo Gimenez from the Argentinean resort city of Necochea: It is a CE-3 report from 1986 that readers of INEXPLICATA will surely find of interest.

Case Location: Viale – Province of Entre Rios (Argentina)
Date: October 1986
Report Authored By: Oscar Raul Mendoza (Santa Fe, Argentina)
Appeared in: El Dragón Invisible (Carlos A. Iurchuk)

The 1986 Viale CE-3
By Oscar Raul Mendoza

Alberto Meyer is a young peasant, some 30 years old, of good stature and physical constitution. He has a primary school education and some secondary school. He lives with his family in a property he owns some scant 8 kilometers from the city of Viale, toward the locality of Segui. He works on all farm tasks: cares for animals, cultivates and takes care of all facilities on his property.

Two days prior to the E.D. 3/N (Diurnal CE-3, unassociated), he suffered a strange experience that could be linked to the UFO activity that was taking place in the area at the time. Meyer was chopping wood with a power saw at another property near his home. The chainsaw suddenly stopped dead for no apparent reason, while at the same time he heard a vibrating sound above his head, strong enough to cause the ground, the tool and his body to shake for several seconds. Confused, he looked upward to find the origin of the sound, but couldn’t see or hear anything. He later checked the tool, finding everything was normal. He activated the start mechanism and it worked perfectly. He assigned the event to some airplane or helicopter passing overhead at low altitude. Not paying much importance to the event, he continued his duties.

Two days later, some 100 meters from the location, he was loading his car with firewood he’d chopped months earlier. He was nearly halfway done with completing the “cord” of wood that had been ordered by a bakery from Viale, when he suddenly felt an odd sensation. Setting aside his tasks for a minute, he looked around. He noticed nothing new at the location, but when he stared at some shrubs in motion, he felt that an animal would soon appear. To his astonishment, two beings emerged instead.

At first he thought that they might be hunters, but a question crossed his mind: how did they cross the creek if there are no bridges, logs or rocks with which to do so? Hoping to find out, [Meyer] waved a friendly greeting, but there was no response. The beings stood some 30 meters away from him, staring fixedly. He thought that they had not heard him due to the wind, and decided to approach.

As he did so, he had a better look of the manner in which they were dressed. His first impression was that they were in costume, or perhaps fleeing from justice, or even worse, terrorists. But at a distance of eight meters, his legs were gripped by a sudden paralysis: he had no control over his body and his will seemed to dissipate. In spite of this, he never lost balance or use of his senses.

Motionless, but extremely calm, he was able to notice other details about the strange pair. Both of them wore form-fitting outfits, like overalls, made of a “flesh-hued” plastic material, but shinier than their faces. What caught his attention was the enormous size of their heads – completely bald and with upswept pointed ears. Their features were almost normal, although their noses were somewhat wider and their mouths were nearly invisible.

He realized that one of them was a “woman” by the shape of the body, but otherwise they beings were nearly identical in height (1.50 m). Their arms hung loosely at their sides and looked normal. He was unable to see their lower legs on account of the vegetation.

Suddenly, a sort of smile appeared on “her” lips and both entities withdrew in an incredible manner: it seemed as though both creatures were gliding on skates, negotiating the features of the terrain with agility. At that moment, Meyer recovered mobility and fled the area, seized by uncontrollable fear.

Research conducted at the site revealed a strange footprint exactly where the creatures stood.

The opinions gleaned from many locals who knew “Muñeco Meyer” (as his friends call him) agreed that he is a serious, honest and hard worker, unable to cobble up such an event. This then, is the Meyer Case.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)