Monday, March 22, 2010

Argentina: Small Entity In Mendoza (1982)

Ms. Mariela de Tomaso of Argentina's Proyecto CATENT shares the following information with us this morning regarding a possible CE-3 that allegedly took place in Mendoza, Argentina during the early 1980s.

Source: Cuarta Dimension (magazine)
Date: Yearbook Edition - 1983

"On March 21, 1982 at 22:00 hours Mr. Luis De Baggis, former director of public municipal services, his wife Catalina Alagno, and an economics student witnessed the manifestation of a small entity, described as luminous, transparent and triangular [whose form] ended in a little head. As a result of this event, a broom in the household was singed by a fire that did not burn, and did not generate either heat or cold. This broom was burned when an effort was made to use it to touch the luminous figure, which had appeared on a tree near the couple's home."

While no further information is available on this event, leaving it firmly in the realm of the anecdotal, one is reminded of religious apparitions in Spain, Puerto Rico and Argentina itself that have materialized on trees. Perhaps some energy insufficiency (or being poked with a broom!) kept the entity from making a complete materialization.