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Argentina: The Sayago CE-3 (1980)

Argentina: The Sayago CE-3 (April 22,1980)

By Oscar A. (“Quique”) Mario - CEUFO

"The Sayago Case” became a classic of the 1980s. Given its spectacular characteristics, it took up considerable space in the national media while a group of young researchers from the now vanished SIOVNI group commenced field research and followed up on the protagonist to the amazing story.

On September 22, 1982 – two and a half years later – the witness died as a result of a kidney disease, which according to doctors, was “congenital in nature” due to his family background. But it should be noted that up until the day on which his life-changing experience occurred, Sayago ran between 5 and 15 kilometers a day as part of the regular training for one of his passions: race-walking, sponsoring several competitions.

The event occurred on the rainy evening of April 22, 1980 when Fermin Sayago drove his 1960 model Impala along Santiago Marzo Avenue to the east of the city and in a south-to-north direction. The time was 19:15. The experiencer said that “something dark and oval shaped fell over me from above” at the time he was about to cross the train tracks. He defined the object’s size as comparable to “a 3 x 3 room”. Sayago explained that “my car’s engine died and I instinctively covered my face against the steering wheel, thinking the object was going to crash against me.”Nothing of the sort occurred. The out-of-control vehicle stopped against the opposite curb and Fermin Sayago got out of the car, thinking about nothing else but starting the engine again. “I do remember that the headlights were on,” he stressed. This allowed him to deduce that the car’s electric system hadn’t been affected.Sayago popped the hood and took a look at the engine, trying to ascertain the reason for the problem.

At that time he felt “a cold wind emerging from below” and a sound similar to “the tinkling of a keychain.” When he looked up, saw “a being” standing to the side of the car, and whose characteristics frightened him. “It gestured at me with its hands, urging me to keep calm,” said Sayago. Far from accepting this suggestion, Sayago turned around to run away from the place, but there was a second “being” standing behind him. This second entity took him by the head and lifted him up gently. “At that time I felt a pricking sensation in my head and I passed out.”When consulted about the characteristics that drew his attention most, in spite of the limited opportunity to see the entities, the witness explained: “Their faces were dark. A reddish gleam was visible from their eye cavities. Their noses (if they had any) was very flat.” As to their mouths, he recalled that “they were larger than normal. Their ears were big and protruded from the sides of their heads.” As to their clothing, he described it as “dark grey, as if they had some sort of scales, because I could see that their scales were shining.” One of the creatures “had a sort of medallion over its chest, with what appeared to be a chain.”

At 19:30 hours (15 minutes later) Sayago found himself fifteen blocks away from the site, in a heavily congested area. No one saw him arrive. The first pedestrian who approached him noticed that he was seated on the curb, while his car was sideways across Belgrano Avenue, interrupting the flow of traffic. Someone notified his family while an ambulance conveyed the man who seemed “out of it” to a downtown clinic where he was given first aid, with special attention his nervous condition.Doctors refrained from making comments about Sayago’s experience, although he gave them a detailed breakdown of the event. Discussing the subject in 1980 was not forbidden, but not a matter that a professional person wanted to explore too deeply. The next day, gripped by a deep depression, Sayago was discharged and returned home.

Initial contact with Pampean researchers took place on that day, and he retold his experience. They visited him on a daily basis and the witness informed the researchers about the “strange dreams” that kept him from getting any rest, and which had turned into nightmares. His health declined considerably and nothing was ever the same for him, in spite of the unconditional support received from his wife Alicia and his young daughter. A few months later, his kidney affliction reached full force, leading him to undergo dialysis until the day he died: September 22, 1982.While the Pampean researchers conducted an investigation that required the involvement of over 20 people, there came a point when they needed the support of an experienced researcher.

This is how the late Pedro Romaniuk became involved, offering important scientific support to the task, with surprising results obtained through hypnotic regression – the first performed in the province. At the suggestion of one of the attending physicians, who asked to remain confidential, the case remained open and a significant contribution of other eyewitness reports was obtained. This led to the Sayago case becoming an icon of both regional and international ufology.

[Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Quique Mario, CEUFO)]