Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Chile: Thoughts on the First UFO Summit Conference

Thoughts on the “First UFO Summit Conference” in Santiago de Chile
By NOUFA – CHILE (Newsroom)

Several photographs have been submitted to our newsroom, such as the ones we show you here. They are from the “First UFO Summit Conference” held on May 29th (2010) at a major hotel in Santiago de Chile. These photos show the presenters – including some major foreign guests – whose number almost matched that of the attendees to the event.

Were these photos taken during a coffee break? Have these images been sent maliciously?

These photos should serve as a cause for deep meditation. What really happened? Our purpose is to report on UFO matters with the truth at the foremost, and to say that on many occasions, what is exported and reported to people is a false image. The harsh reality that Chilean ufology is different cannot be denied. Moreover when it is linked with commercial and tourist interests and the prices, furthermore, are outrageous for the average Chilean.

Serious reflection is called for: Is it only an economic matter as such? A lack of interest by the public at large? Are we tired of seeing the same local faces? Do we need new premises when dealing with the UFO phenomenon? Have we already gone as far as we can go with ufology, and do we urgently need solid evidence of the phenomenon’s existence?

We would like to believe that the photos we received from this event were a joke in poor taste, as we feel that efforts related with the subject of UFOs in this country often slip out of our hands, but this is what there is, and logically, all we are left with is what comes out on television and public relations by the usual suspects.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to NOUFA-Chile)