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Argentina: New UFO Prints in Chicoana

Source: Radio Salta – Argentina
Date: 11.08.10

Argentina: New UFO Prints in Chicoana

The strange pictograms appeared on Friday in the Las Mesitas area, along the access road to the town. Local residents expect sightings.

SALTA – Some thirty pictograms in a variety of different shapes appeared carefully outlined in a wheat field along the main road to Chicoana, some 30 kilometers distant from the provincial seat and to the southwest.

Two years after the first manifestations that occurred at this same time of the year in this region of Lerma Valley, the phenomenon is still attributed – according to witnesses – to strange luminous objects that fly over the area at low altitude. While no enigmatic lights were seen in this instance, locals state that the cycle will repeat itself with numerous UFO sightings.

With these new manifestations, the mystery of the “Chicoana Agriglyphs” deepened the enigma among residents of this peaceful community, regarding the reason for the figures’ reappearance in the same area and season, with drawings among the wheat fields similar to those found in October 2008.

The pictograms have angular, rectangular and linear shapes, all of them intertwined, exceeding a radius of three meters. Judging by their layout, the appear to have been designed by some geometric device. As with the events described in 2008, these figures have been flattened from above and in a clockwise direction to the wheat.

It is notable to find that they are aligned southward, much like the ones described two years ago, toward the triangle formed between the wilderness of Tilián and Las Mesitas, and the La Candelaria hill, where several air traffic accidents occurred in the past, attributed to strange electromagnetic alterations resulting from a “meteor strike” in that mountain range.

Julio Espinoza and Raul Cantero, renowned ufologists and disciples of Antonio Zuleta, surveyed the entire area after receiving notice from some locals in order to set on record the existence of other figures in fields adjacent to where the new apparitions occurred.

“It is an event of extraordinary majesty when seen from above. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to take aerial photos to study this phenomenon, which responds to the presence of greater minds in the imaginary road that links Chicoana and Cachi,” said Espinoza.

For those specializing in the subject, these pictograms correspond to “a string of messages that indicate or inform of an event.” While no new manifestations were found in nearby fields, “the formation of new figures in those fields, or in others, with the corresponding observation of craft in the region,” has not been discarded.

As to how they were made, they noted: “Eyewitness accounts to the 2008 events report dozens of multicolored lights fluttering at low altitude, vanishing after a matter of seconds. They coincide with the prints. They are related to a mothership that leaves prints in its path. Who indeed knows why?” stated Cantero.

Background information gives us marks made during alleged UFO landings in the fields of Canada, Great Britain or even Buenos Aires. But none of them matches the peculiar characteristics of these geometric pictograms, with systematic signs scattered by apparently ethereal luminous objects.

Civil Defense and the municipality of Chicoana made transactions with the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) in Salta to obtain technical measurements that will rule out any type of radioactive contamination in these wheat fields. Jorge Anesi, of the CNEA’s Department of Geological Prospecting and Radiometry, stated in his report that “these signs in the wheat fields are not related to anything esoteric or extraterrestrial, and are related to new climatic phenomena.”

For a video on the 2008 agriglyphs please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVeeGAZhN2M

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Radio Salta)