Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Argentina: A UFO Over Cañuelas?

Source: InfoCañuelas & Grupo G.A.B.I.E
Date: 12.15.10

Argentina: A UFO in Cañuelas?

A boy from Barrio Hipotecario claims having seen an unidentified flying object that engaged in oscillating movements over his housing complex. The recording is shown here.

“I wasn’t scared. I was very excited – this is the first time I’d seen something like it!” said Gustavo Rasquetti, a boy from Barrio Hipotecario who claims having seen a UFO floating over his housing complex.

On Wednesday last week, after watching the CQC program, he was about to shut the window to his bedroom when he saw “a powerful white light, with colors at times, that made undulating movements.” Furthermore, “it made a buzzing sound like a bee.”

It remained like that for a while, crossing the neighborhood from one end to another before vanishing at high speed.

Little Gustavo made a brief recording of the object and even made a drawing to remember its shape. “I believe in UFOs, but I never thought I’d see one, much less here in my own neighborhood,” he told InfoCañuelas. Gustavo is 12, a student at the Escuela Técnica, and lives in Sector 4 of Barrio Hipotecario.

He claims that he wasn’t the only one to see the strange light. “A bald gentleman from my sector also saw it from his window, but he said that it was an airplane or jet. He didn’t give it much importance.”

The Cañuelas sighting coincides with some strange lights that were seen that very same day in the Ensenada and La Plata areas.


(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.)