Monday, December 13, 2010

Argentina: Unprecedented UFO Wave in Victoria

Source: Diario Junio Digital

For over a month, the department of Victoria has experienced an unprecedented wave of sightings involving unidentified flying objects and lights. According to reports, lights of various sizes are reported practically every night, following different directions and having varying intensities, and others that vanish suddenly. As if this wasn’t enough, there is now an eyewitness account from an inspector with the city’s office of natural resources, who saw a strange creature on the evening of Wednesday the 8th in the municipal campgrounds while conducting a routine tour of the area.

Silvia Pérez Simondini, a specialist in the investigation of prodigies and unconventional events, and the director of the Victoria UFO Museum, said that “the number of things appearing in the sky is impressive. We have never had as many sightings as in 2010, especially concentrated in this last month.” She said that it is very hard to keep statistics on the amount of sightings of such phenomena, as they are a permanent feature in Victoria.

She did say that “we are experiencing an intense wave of sightings, and its occuring not only in Victoria, but elsewhere in the world, such as Mexico and Brazil, for instance.”

Upon being consulted about the reason for which the department of Victoria is so prone to UFO sightings, as opposed to other localities, the researcher from Victoria opined that sightings always occur where there is raised ground, whether mountains, hills, summits or bodies of water concentrated in seas, rivers, lakes and even water tanks. Apparitions occur where both elements are found, and Victoria has them.

Perez Simondini insisted that “about a month ago, sightings increased in Victoria. We have received reports practically every night, or else we’ve seen them ourselved. It’s permanent.”

She explained that what people have seen are lights of various colors and sizes, taking off in different directions. “It’s evident that something’s watching us. We don’t know from where and how they’re coming, or what for.”

Unquestionably, the most shocking account comes from an inspector of the offfice of natural resources, who said that on 8 December at 21:30 hours he was engaged in a routine tour of the area with a co-worker, and came across a creature with very strange characteristics. After hearing the story, Perez Simondini and her team immediately reported to the site, keeping a watch over night to see if video or photo evidence could be secured. “[...] when creatures appear in a pre-determined location, we have to go to that site to see if we can obtain some kind of evidence, whether its photographic or film.”

The researche states that the entity seen by the inspectors has also been witnessed elsewhere in the world, mentioning Brazil among them. “In Brazil they call it the chupa-chupa, not chupacabras, and the difference between both is that the latter has wings like a bat, and the former doesn’t. Here in Argentina it is incorrectly termed the Chupacabras,” she said.

Aside from this case, which shook the “City of the Seven Hills”, the VisionOvni team is having photos analyzed in both La Pampa and Mexico showing three-UFO formations over the city. “All researchers ask me about the case histories in Victoria. We have no case histories – this is something that happens on a permanent basis. Sometimes waves of these sightings in the sky occur in winter. In this case they’re occuring during this time of year, and for that reason we cannot have given pattern to say if they are going to appear now or when.”

Perez Simondini further remarked that lights emerge every year from a place known as Laguna Grande. They start appearing after December 20 and extend through the first days of January. “Sometimes we see up to nine lights coming out by one. This year, the manifestations came into view much earlier, and have been visible for at least 20 days now.”

At Rincón de Nogoyá

Rincón de Nogoyá (Department of Victoria) faces Laguna del Pescado, one of the sites where most sightings occur. Lately, the place has become an ideal scenario for seeing UFOs.

A bricklayer took a photo of one of these objects in the sky. The construction worker stated that on 19 November, only minutes before 1:00 a.m. and while he was in the rural area of Rincon de Nogoya, he decided , as he did nightly, to drink some mate before going to bed. Then he sat down a few meters from a shed that was being refurbished at a ranch. That’s when he saw a light in the sky that grew larger and larger.

The worker said that the light was approaching his position, illuminating him completely. He managed to take a photo, and the light vanished moments later.

Another sighting occurred on Sunday in the Arenal/Cerro de la Matanza region, where residents claimed seeing a light in the sky. They could not identify it.

The Department of Victoria and city of the seven hills are an energy point to some. Others say that its topography and location make it a suitable spot for landings, but without question, and in view of the documents and witnesses that have emerged over time, it is the place in Argentina that boasts the largest number of unidentified lights and objects.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)