Friday, January 28, 2011

Argentina: Strange Object in Carlos Tejedor

Source: Diario Noticias Pehuajo (Argentina)
Date: January 28, 2011

Argentina: Strange Activity in Carlos Tejedor

A well-known couple that operates a mechanic shop in the city described the strange manifestation of a glowing object over a country home in the Colonia del Toro area. The object was also seen on a photograph. From that point onward, upon inspecting previous photos, they noticed that the object appears to be patrolling the area for some time now. At night, it is possible to see very bright lights – red, green, blue and something like a fireball. The wife suffered experienced strong bodily tremors and a fever that faded away over a few hours. Some time ago, the woman and her two children even passed out, without any medical explanation being found. They now suspect that the phenomenon could be the cause, although she does not know how to go about researching it at the time. Other locals have also seen strange lights and fireballs.

Pedro Parera and María Rosa Velázquez and their children constitute a family of workers in [the town of] Carlos Tejedor. Both work day-to-day in their mechanic shop and spend weekends in a country property they own some 25 km from the city at Colonia del Toro. Their work is hardly over: there is painting to be done, grass to be mowed, repairs to be made – all of which delights the family. But something happened last weekend that changed everything for them.

María Rosa, a photography buff, does not waste any time in taking pictures, and she snaps away at her little digital camera, capturing every moment. It was in one of these photos of a growing soybean field, with the house visible in the distance, that she noticed something odd over the structure. Zooming in on her PC screen, she ascertained the presence of a shining object. Golden, resembling a bell, and of considerable size.

The strangeness quotient increased upon inspecting other photos. The object was visible in nearly all images taken in the same direction.

Not satisfied by this, María Rosa decided to look at pictures taken six months ago and even one year ago, and her astonishment was boundless: the object was always there.

At Night

Intrigue won out in the end, and after a conversation with a local engineer who told her that he’d seen something like a fireball – a story similar to one told by a fumigator, and other locals, who were unsure about the truthfulness of her story – she decided to return to field with her husband Pedro at night.

Her astonishment could not be measured, according to the report made to NOTICIAS at our newsroom last Tuesday, when they wanted the entire region to know what was going on. “There were very bright lights, green, red and blue. I took pictures of them, even though I was afraid. There was even one that turned into a true fireball and went away...”

María Rosa states that they were about to have dinner, but upon returning to the table, after taking as many pics of the lights as she could, until the fireball erupted, she felt a sensation of intense cold. “A very strange sensation, I don’t know how to explain it. I shivered. We went back and I had to cover myself with several blankets. I had a fever. But I was fine the next day,” she says, looking for an answer.

Everyone’s Sick

Today she connects this event with another that she and her children experienced last year, when she felt very ill one night and the boys woke up screaming, frightened, before fainting one after the other. This prompted the couple to return urgently to the city, with Pedro driving his family to the hospital. No abnormal health conditions were detected.

“Now, after what happened to me that night, I wonder if it was the same thing that made us feel so sick. I would like to go back to see if this is the case,” she says, her feelings an admixture of wonderment and astonishment, and fear about something she cannot explain.

Calls for an Investigation

Meanwhile, Pedro looks and listens, offering control and calm. Maria Rosa states that she “would like to have a large photo camera, to take higher-definition photos of all this, and to have someone tell us what it is, what it does, and why it’s there.”

Half-humorously, she adds: “The evidently “live” there, because they’re always there, they appear in nearly all photos. It’s a shame they won’t volunteer with the chores. Last week we mowed the grass, painted, made repairs, worked all day, but they didn’t offer much least none we could see.”

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)