Saturday, February 19, 2011

Argentinean UFO Had X-Files Guest Spot

Source: El Dragón Invisible
Date: 02.18.11

Carlos Alberto Iurchuk's long-running website El Dragón Invisible features an interesting tidbit of news that is sure to delight enthusiasts of the overlap between ufology and science-fiction.

First the fact, then the fiction.

On February 18, 1975 a strange object remained motionless in the sky -- for about forty five minutes -- over Punta Cuevas near the city of Puerto Madryn in the Patagonian province of Chubut. The object eventually began moving westward until it vanished from sight. The haunting photo taken of this unknown object became a classic in UFO circles and may have graced the cover of a publication or two (I recall seeing it on an issue of "Tattler"). But as Carlos Iurchuk tells us, it also had the unusual distinction of being features on FOX TV's long-running X-Files series.

In episode 1x01 ("Deep Throat") FBI agents Mulder and Scully visit "Ellens AFB" in southwestern Idaho while investigating the case of Air Force test pilot Lt. Robert Budahas. They pay a visit to a diner called "The Flying Saucer" whose décor includes several UFO photos on the wall. The Puerto Madryn UFO is visible among these images.