Friday, February 18, 2011

Brazil: Mutilations in Ceará

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 02.18.11

Brazil: Sheep Mutilations in Ceará
By Paulo R. Poian

Sheep farmers from the communities of Espinhos and Pizunha, nearly five kilometers distant from the capital of the Cruz Municipality in the heartland of Ceará are facing a desperate situation: animals are being attacked at night and having their eyes ripped out. This information was submitted by agronomist Antonio dos Santos Oliveira Lima, who lives in the city. "Some sheep were found dead, but others were found alive the next day, mutilated. However, unable to survive, their owners were forced to put them down," says Oliveira Lima. Animals belonging mainly to Lucio and Joao Alferes and other regional livestock farmers were affected. "Some ascribe the attacks to ETs, others believe that predatory birds known as guaxinins are involved, and others blame wolf-men. There are even those who place the blame on people who remove the organs for black magic rituals."

According to the agronomist, over 40 animals have had their eyes removed. In a single night, 15 were mutilated in a pen without neighbors hearing any noise. "Upon examining the victims, one had the impression that the organs were removed with a very sharp blade, as there is no deformation of the affected area. For this reason, some believe that this cannot be the action of natural predators," adds Oliveira Lima. All incisions were made in an identical manner, with eyes being extracted in all cases.

The information we have received up to now was collected by the Centro Sobralense de Pesquisa Ufológica (CSPU - Sobralense UFO Research Center), by the Grupo Ufológico de Guarajuá (GUG) and conveyed by reports received at the Portal da Ufología Brasileira ( The situation has reached such extremes that the Diario do Noreste newspaper published an article on 20 October [2010] on the mutilations, taking the sheep farmers' concerns seriously. "At daybreak, I found over a dozen sheep -- out of 16 I was raising -- attacked at once. Some of them were dead in a lagoon that's on my property. The only animal seen in the area was a puppy," said David Geraldo de Vasconcelos. "Other animals were also attacked in the same region."

(Special thanks to Paulo Poian and Guillermo Gimenez. Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU)