Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spain: Remembering the Vilobí "Yeti"

Spain: Remembering the Vilobí "Yeti"
By Javier Resines

Forty three years ago, on February 26, 1968, a curious encounter occurred in the Catalonian municipality of Vilobí del Penedés, a little over than sixty kilometers from Barcelona.

U.S. author and journalist John A. Keel (of Mothman fame) included it in his book Strange Creatures from Time and Space El Enigma de las Extrañas Criaturas), published in 1987 by Editorial Mitre. Keel describes the experiences of some frightened children as they observed a sort of large apelike being in the environs of this community. What seemed at first a figment of boyish imagination acquired credibility when the creature was also reported by several adults in what appeared to be a Bigfoot "mini-flap" in the area.

According to the Arriba newspaper in the next day's issue (27 Feb '68): "The animal drank water from a pond near the eyewitnesses' home. It fled, leaving a certain number of large footprints -- 40 centimeters long -- resembling those of a plantigrade. These footprints match those of the description offered by motorist Roberto Juver, who claimed having encountered an animal with a large, hairy body and long arms several days before near Hostalrich. It crossed the road in front of him, walking with a tired gait."

The newspaper reported that neither local zoos nor circuses had reported any missing animals that could have caused the confusion. A measure of panic permeated the area and massive searches were conducted, and were fruitless, as usual.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU)