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An Abductee Goes to Court: The Godoy Case (1998)

An Abductee Goes to Court: The Godoy Case (1998)
By Luis Alberto Reinoso
Courtesy of El Dragón Invisible (Carlos Iurchuk)

Note from Luis Alberto Reinoso ( The following is the verbatim copy of the criminal complaint for the Godoy Case, presented before the Office of the Prosecutor for the Provincial Courts of Rosario (Argentina). The conclusions, research and analysis will appear in my upcoming book, “New world order, globalization and the UFO phenomenon”. All photos are property of the EDOVNI files.

Presentation before the Office of the Prosecutor. Criminal Complaint:
Provincial Courts of the City of Rosario

Dear Sir:

ESFREN GODOY, Argentinean national, married, businessman, bearer of ID No. XXXXX, having actual residence at XXXX in the city of Rosario, by my own right and with the sponsorship of Dr. Luis Alberto Reinoso, having legal residence at Sargento Cabral 591, 4th Floor, office 8 of the city of Rosario for all legal effects, appears before the Hon. Prosecutor and respectfully submits:

1) Consideration of an event that occurred against my will, and to give it the seriousness it deserves, I have come to make the Hon. Prosecutor aware of the following facts, from which may arise the commission of the crime of unlawful privation of personal freedom (Art. 141 of the Criminal Code)

II) Competence:

As will emerge from the presentation of the facts, it is believed that ordinary justice is competent.


On October 22, 1998, at 13:45 hours approximately, I left my home at XXXX street and headed for my daughter’s hair salon on Corrientes and Montevideo streets. When I reached Ituzaingó and Juan Manuel de Rosas, someone asked me very kindly if he could help me cross the street. A young man, 25-30 years old by his voice. I said yes and I placed my hand on his shoulder. We crossed Ituzaingó Street. Upon reaching the other side, I thanked him and he asked: “How far are you going?” I replied that I was on my way to Corrientes and Montevideo. Then he said: “I’m headed that way. Would you mind some company?” “No, quite the opposite. It would help me, as I could go faster holding on to your shoulder.” We kept walking and made small talk. He said the he has a relative who is also sight impaired. I recall asking if it was a close relative, and he replied: “No, a relative by affection more than anything else.” We reached Pasco, crossed it, and went another block between Pasco and Cochabamba, always along Juan Manuel de Rosas Street. I suddenly felt ill. I felt that I couldn’t keep walking. It’s the first time that it’s ever happened to me. I never felt like that before. Then I stopped, and without a word the young man took me gently by the arms to steady me against a wall. That’s the last thing I recall. I felt something against my back, something metallic. That’s the last thing I felt. I don’t know if I passed out or fell over. I didn’t feel anything else. Time went by...when I felt him supporting me as if I was about to fall over, he pushed me back slightly and I felt metal against my back. It was a gate, that’s what I say. That’s when I felt contact: my back was leaning against something. I recall nothing more.

I regained awareness. I don’t know how much time went by, but I felt as though I was in an operating room. Why do I say it was an operating room? I’ve been in an operating room four times, twice for eye problems. Then, I slowly became aware of where I was. I thought that something must have happened to me on the street. Was I about to be operated on? Is this right. So the first thing I feel, without hearing a noise, is that my feet are being inspected. The sensation reached my knees, and that’s when I realized that there was nobody touching me. But I knew I was being checked over. Something kept creeping upward, but there was no physical contact. No one was touching me. The sensation kept moving up my body, up and up, lingered around my stomach, my abdomen...I could hear something soft in my right ear, a shhhh sound. When they reached my right ear, I was able to ask if they were going to subject me to eye surgery. I spoke my first words: “Are you going to operate on my eyes?” but no one answered. Then I asked: “What happened to me?” and they say: “Everything is fine. Relax.” That was the reply of a doctor, in my opinion, an older person with a calming voice. So then I say (realizing that I’m more freely able to speak): “Are you going to operate on my eyes?” And the voice says: “No” (always softly). Then I kept quiet and realized that they’re checking my eyes, even though my eyelids are closed. There is no pressure exerted to open them, but both my eyes are checked out. Then I ask: “Will I see again?” A few seconds go by and the voice says: “No”. I ask: “Will you be operating? Is there any cure?” And the voice says: “Yes you will see.” “Are you going to heal me?” “No, you must heal your own ailments.” “But, how will I see again?” “Yes, as long as there has been prevention in the case.” I didn’t quite understand what he meant with prevention in the case, and I only retained that I would be seeing again. And my joy was enormous. Don’t forget that I was able to see until the age of 45. Since I’ve had heart problems, I asked: “Is my heart working well?” The voice answered: “All is well.”

The inspection continued, this time downward again, and I asked: “what’s going on? and was told: “What happens to you is something that your people must solve. Your people have everything they need to live well, and live poorly because you don’t know how to live well. It is all within the reach of your hands, and you do not use it because you do not know how to live.” The best thing is that this was recorded at the police station. Each section chief transcribed it at least ten times – once – and I had to repeat it. They all had to type it. It was fresh in my mind; I could see it as if it was a film. I said everything verbatim. When I asked: “what’s going on?” I was answered by a second voice, with a totally different ring to it, as if younger, but always softly. They sounded like professional people speaking in soothing tones. What I forgot to mention that when they reached my eyes, I realized that the voice was not coming from the outside, but rather, from within my brain. I was startled, but not so much, because weird things like that occur under anesthesia. I realized that I could hear my own voice perfectly. I tried to sit up and the voice said: “Relax. All is well.” At that moment I realized that I was lying down with my hands beside my body, and when I tried to sit up and couldn’t, I relaxed. But my hand began looking for the edge of the hospital bed as if trying to grasp something. I felt for the edge of the bed, but found nothing. I kept reaching even lower, down to my legs and underneath. I touched both of my hands and found that there was nothing under my body. That’s when I realized that I was floating. There was nothing, no support from beneath me, no contact with anything. I wasn’t startled and I didn’t give it any importance. There was no edge to the bed, nothing at all. The atmosphere was pleasant, as though air conditioned, but there was no wind, no air, nothing.

Noticing that there was a long period of silence after the second question, I felt total peace. As if I weren’t there. The correct word is that I felt as if I were dreaming. Then I asked: “Will you be taking me home?” And the first voice said: “No. We’re already home.” Next, I felt a buzzing, the loudest I heard in my right didn’t’ hurt my ear. It’s as if I’d lost control of my awareness at the time, becoming aware of heat against my head. I realized that was lying down, but not on my back, but on my left side. [...] I realized that the heat I felt was the sun burning my head. That’s when things got complicated, because I became aware that I was lying on the ground in an open area. The first contact I felt was with the weeds. I tried to get up, and I feel the soil, the ground, and I’m barefoot. I looked for my cane, which is inseparable from me, and rather than having my hand on the loop, it’s on my wrist. I pull it out; I extend it, and feel for obstacles with my hand. I touched all around with the cane and felt a barbed wire fence. This is very important to me, as I cannot see. I felt around with the cane, bothered by the weeds, the hot earth, and touched the barbed wire fence 20 centimeters away, seven or eight strands of it. It was a fence. I turned around. That’s when my ear came into contact with reality, because I could hear cars. I thought I must be at Independencia Park, which is the nearest thing to me. I started walking toward the cars, thinking I’m on Oroño Street. Then I start dodging obstacles, tough weeds, for some 20 meters more or less. But the cars were not driving past a street, because the characteristic sound was that of a highway, judging by the speed of the passing cars. Getting someone to stop was an odyssey.

I realized that a car was approaching slowly. A little truck, a tractor. As it approached, I made as though I was about to fall down. Help, please help me. The truck stopped, and its driver was a woman alone. She asked: “What’s wrong, sir?” I said: “Where am I?” “At Laguna” “Which Laguna?” “Laguna del Pescado in Victoria, Entre Rios” “But how could I be in Entre Rios? What time is it, miss?” She says: “It’s going on 3, ten to three.” “In the morning?” I asked, because it was the most reasonable thing I could ask, not realizing that the sun was burning my head. “No, in the afternoon, sir. What’s wrong?” So I tried to tell her everything, but the lady walked back, thinking I was insane. I asked her to take me to Victoria. No, I can’t take you – there’s a police station some 1500-2000 meters behind you. A truck pulls over, and since the driver knows the lady, she asks him: “Taborda, why don’t you take this gentleman to the police station?” I got on the truck and I asked the driver why no one stopped there. “No, I only stopped because I know Mrs. Urcola. I was on my way to Estancia La Concepción in Rincón Norte.” He took me to the police station. The officer on duty, surnamed Albornoz, turned up and didn’t let me use the phone, because it was for internal use only. But there was a radio to contact Victoria. He calmed me down, and seeing I was barefoot, gave me a pair of old sneakers to wear. So I told him everything that happened to me. He took note, and I asked him to use the phone again. He radioed Victoria and was told that it must be a missing person case. When he calms down, bring him to Victoria. 15 minutes later he radios Victoria and says: “Listen, this gentleman isn’t lost. He says he was in Rosario only an hour and a half ago.” “Aside from being lost, he’s nuts,” they replied.

I was taken to Victoria and have to tell them the whole story again. There was no way I could phone Rosario to contact my family. At 5 pm I needed to go to the bathroom, as I hadn’t urinated all day. I asked for someone to accompany to the bathroom and once there, I realized I wasn’t wearing any underpants. I unbuttoned my jeans, lowered them and realized I wasn’t wearing underpants. One of the things I didn’t say, since I was in the presence of women or children, is that I felt “the machine that was inspecting me” made me feel a warm, soft sensation on my testicles. I asked them what they were going to do. “We’re extracting life seed,” and I ejaculated immediately. The doctor, at my insistence, also reported this.

Another detail I want to state is that when I was standing, after having taken out my cane, touching the barbed wire, I looked for my talking wristwatch and found it on my wrist, but on the last hole and without the tongue holding it together. I activated it and it said: “14 hours, 32 minutes.” That was my first awareness of the time, and when I became even more concerned.

I was not allowed to make a phone call from the police station [in Victoria] at the police chief’s orders. When the chief arrived, the contacted my wife (and I found this out when I spoke to her on the return to Victoria. My questioners were all policemen, but there was also an examining magistrate present – Dr. Brasesco – who also questioned me. He left orders that everything I said should be recorded without further questioning.

Dr. Brasesco himself remarked to the coroner: “We mustn’t be startled by this. We should acknowledge that we’re facing something abnormal that’s beyond our grasp. But we have to get used to it, because it happens very often in the area.”

My wife got worried around 3:00 p.m. when my brother showed up to find me, since I was supposed to be back from the hair salon. When they couldn’t find me, the first thing they did was call the salon, which is my daughter’s. She told them that I had never gone there. That’s when they got moving. They phoned HECA and were told that there was no one matching my description; they were advised to call the police and the Personal Safety staff told them they had to wait 24 hours; they were advised to phone the 4th Section Police; at the 4th they were also told to wait 24 hours, and it was my wife’s insistence – because I was blind – that they said: well, let’s give it 18 hours, and they called all known places where I could be. Ruben Gaglia, the sheriff of Victoria, spoke to my brother at 5:00 p.m. At that point, everyone at the station spoke to my brother and asked him many questions. When the Dr. called, I realized that they were talking to someone in my family. I asked him to please let me speak, and that’s when I spoke with Juan, my brother. He told me to take it easy and that they were coming for me.

When my brother arrived, they took a deposition, asking him things about my life. They showed him by statement, and he asked why they’d made me sign it. The police told him that I had agreed to sign it after having it read out to me. Furthermore, my brother told me that depositions from Taborda, the trucker, and Mrs. Urcola were also there.

Mrs. Urcola and the trucker, Taborda, told the police exactly where they had found me.

I got back to Rosario at approximately 5 in the morning.

At 9:00 a.m., Personal Security staff from Rosario called my private phone.

At 10:00 a.m., two police officers showed up to talk to my wife, asking about my physical and mental condition, and my departure time. Then I received a call from Sheriff Romero of the Personal Safety division, suggesting that if someone asks me what happened, I should say there was a gag order in place.


With a view toward ascertaining the facts, I propose the following probative measures.

a. Informative: That an official letter be sent to the Police Chief of the city of Victoria to have photocopies of the actions and/or statements made by me, my brother Juan, Mrs. Urcola, trucker Taborda, coroner reports and/or any other statements in this regard released to me.
b. Testimonial: That the following witnesses be subpoenaed: Mr. Jorge Guerrero of the town of Pueblo Esther, an address to be provided shortly. Mrs. Urcola from the city of Victoria and Mr. Taborda from the same city, addresses as shown in the reports that we ask to have attached to this document.
c. Experts: To designate, if applicable, the participation of health professionals such as: clinical physician, transpersonal psychologist, psychiatrist, to perform all pertinent studies to determine my physical and mental health.


Mr. Prosecutor, as you can see from my testimony, my ailments, the proof tendered, and with the goal of finding an answer to my experience, I am far removed from any quest for sensationalism, disturbing the social peace or any form of economic gain. I only wish to discover the truth of what happened.

I am willing to face any interrogatories, medical and psychiatric evaluations or anything you deem necessary. It is for this reason that I appeal to this judicial body.

Moreover, Mr. Prosecutor, I believe that the behavior of those who “abducted” me to be reprehensible. I was taken from one place to another without my consent, lost awareness, underwent an involuntary examination, had “life seed” extracted from me, was left in a semi-deserted place in the vicinity of Laguna del Pescado, Victoria, Entre Rios, which is aggravated by my visual impairment status.

I would like to state that while I have said would seem taken out of science fiction, there is a history of such things happening to others. In the U.S.A. it has been ascertained that Security agencies have performed genetic experiments on persons and animals (mutilations) and the screen employed for all this is “alien beings”. All of this indicates that we are faced with actual factors of power that employ the UFO subject as a disinformation, distraction and cover-up technique. This question arises: Are these subjects mutually related, or is it a screen to cover other mundane endeavors such as, for example, organ traffic, bacteriological testing, drug trafficking, genetic experimentation, etcetera?

Consequently, the person and /or persons who transferred me would fall under the criminal item in Article 141 and succeeding articles.

Concerned with my personal safety, that of my family, and other persons who might experience the same, and faced by my unusual experience, I have resorted to this office to ascertain the reality of the facts, and if necessary, for this compendium to be submitted to the court of instruction.

We request that the Hon. Prosecutor investigate these facts.

Respectfully submitted,


Dr. LUIS A. REINOSO (Sponsoring Attorney)

Rosario, 27 October 1998

(Translation (c) 2011, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)