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Argentina: An Absurd Morphology

Source: Gaceta OVNI (Argentina)
Date: N.A.

Argentina: An Absurd Morphology
By Daniel Lopez

Being able to attest to the wide variety of behaviors and shapes that manifest in active UFO zones, such as the Valles Chalchaqui, is truly remarkable. But this trait, a characteristic of the UFO phenomenon, cannot be superficially appreciated to say that the variety barely has anything to do with the abundance of shapes and behaviors that would respond to a multitude of active elements, acting independently as elements of a sub-set, or rather as the identification of entities, presences and places of orgin, if not purposes or models created for a specific task.

Contrary to what is commonly believed, diversity would respond to a much more complex variation in functions and purposes exhibited by one shape or another. This is, without question, an overall phenomenon whose visual perception by witnesses can be the result of a perceptual interaction with a transmutative capability that has been outlined several times in world case histories, but which has been considered as exterior and independent of the witness.

There is the possibility that the UFO phenomenon has an exterior epicenter, one that is physical, tangible yet able to acquire or respond to the viewer’s perceptions as a result of the bizarre characteristics that its manifestation places in human memory.

In referring to an interaction, we are not only describing the precise moment in which the visual stimulus occurs, which translates more clearly in people. Interaction broadens the horizons on the witness’s perceptual and physical qualities to relate to the ones emanating from the phenomenon, its physical nature, and all stimuli or observer-manipulated intervention. That’s where the phenomenon suggests a control of the event, including the observer in the theater of operations. It can also, hypothetically speaking, display a series of morphological adaptations that do not have to be tied exclusively to a problem that is proper to dynamics that motivate it, but in the presence of the putative witness. Can this be possible?

An interesting case took place in the Valles Chalchaquies on the 5th or 6th of January, 2001 in a region near Pueblo Viejo, a wilderness on the way to La Poma, 25 kilometers north of Payogasta. Sara Guanuco de Bonifacio, 44, has lived in this area for 25 years. Her house is located a few hundred meters from the Calchaquí River on the edge of Highway 40, at an elevation of a few meters. Toward the east can be seen the eroded shapes of the sandstone that forms an extensive wall over the edge of the canyon through which the river flows. Beyond that, toward the east and west, the great pre-Cordilleran ranges can be seen to guard a horizon silhouetted by their sinuous, spectacular silhouettes. It need not be said that people here lead a peaceful life. Yet this is an area highly frequented by luminous phenomena.

Sara recalls that one of her earliest experiences was between ’72 and ’75 when she saw a huge moon crossing the fringe of sky that the mountains allow her to see, following a south-to-north trajectory.

More recently, some 2 or 3 years ago and for three straight nights, she clearly saw a fireball leaping from cactus to cactus along the river, dancing the night with astonishing precision among the upper parts of these cacti. While it leaped, making broad curves in the air, its size increased and decreased. Another experience that shocked her was in late January 2001 around 11:00 p.m., as she hanged freshly washed clothes on the line outside her house. It was her daughter who informed her of the transit of an enormous light – very bright and pinkish – coming out of the east and headed due west.
Both say it was so bright that they could not identify a shape. It flew at low altitude, barely a few meters over the rooftop, projecting beams against the ground, tinting the night a luminous pink. The phenomenon occurred two weeks later, but this time with two green lights, also very bright, crossing the sky slowly and projecting “beams of light” from east to west.

However, the event she best remembers took place in broad daylight. It was in the middle of the afternoon under the sun’s brilliant rays and with cloudless skies. She was outside, tending to the flock whose pen is only a few meters from the house. Something made her stop and look. There was a strange object 400 meters away, in the eastern part of the canyon: it resembled two vessels joined at their edges, no bigger than two meters wide and two meters tall, flying horizontally at low speed, ascending slightly. What struck her the most was an appendage to the structure that struck her as ridiculous: a jointed tubular protuberance that she described as a “smokestack”. The similarity is made even closer, as the appendage emits steam, a semi-transparent smoke similar to that of chimneys when there is cooking going on inside, or when the structure is being heated with firewood.

It made no noise. The entire observation lasted over three minutes, enough time to capture it in her memory and marvel at the fixture attached to such a strange object. Sara does not recall any event in her life as strange and intense as this; and the first thing that appears in her description is the contradictory element that she would have never imagined in such an object.

It’s evident that the detail she described has acted in such a way that the experience was burned into her mind. At no time did she feel disquiet or fear, nor was she upset in any way. To the contrary, she openly states that the ridiculous aspect of her sighting has kept it fresh in her memory.

A steam-powered UFO? No, an associative element that eliminated her disquiet, replacing it with amazement and bewilderment. An appendage having nothing to do with the means of propulsion employed by these objects, bur rather a stimulus created by the effect of the interaction itself in its effort to relate to the observers.

This is merely a possibility, barely a working hypothesis. But it is worth elaborating on. In the meantime, no one can dissuade Sara Guanuco of the belief that what she saw was real, and the strangest thing that fate meant her to see.

(Translation (c) 2011 S.Corrales, IHU)