Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Argentina:"I Feel Like a Patsy for the Police and NASA"

Source: www.ampliaremos.com
Date: 03 October 2011

Argentina: “ I Feel Like a Patsy for the Police and NASA”

The Monte Grande disaster – where a house exploded causing deaths and several injuries – continues to be a source of doubts. While some claim that a gas leak was responsible for said explosion, some believe that it was a meteorite.

One of the parties supporting this possibility is Emilio Daniel Verón, who was detained by the authorities along with his brother Jonathan by having presented a photo showing an alleged meteorite.

The photo, taken by a cellphone, lent greater credibility to the story upheld by residents of the 9 de Abril district: that the Sequeiro and Espinoza homes were volatized by a heavenly body that fell from the sky, and not by a gas leak, which is the hypothesis backed by researchers.

“We felt a buzzing sound, we were blinded by a light and there was an explosion. It was all of a sudden. With Jonathan, we surveyed a three-block area from my home and the place where the meteorite fell. That’s where we saw an incandescent red stone and a circle that resembled coal. There was no fire, only smoke with a smell of sulfur. The quickly took away whatever fell from the sky. We pulled out a lady who was covered in blood and the brothers Rodigo and Nicolás Sequeira,” Emilio recalls.

However, after the investigation, there were no marks that suggested an extraterrestrial origin to the phenomenon.

Yet bolstering his own version of the events, Emilio says: “For some time now we’ve been seeing many strange things in the sky. I showed journalists the photo of a shooting star taken by my 6-year-old sister on 11 September.”

“And that’s when they arrested you?”

“On the spot. Four policemen surrounded me and my brother, they made us go around the corner and hurried us along. They swiped my cell phone and pushed us into a squad car.”

The Verón brothers were detained “until midnight on Monday”. Prosecutor Andrea Nicoletti took their statements, but as of yesterday had not decided to charge them with making false statements.

Later on, Emilio said: “I feel like a patsy of the Police and NASA. I need them to give my my phone back and give me an attorney who understands about comets (sic). They want to pin this on me over the photo, and they only what to conceal what really happened.”

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)