Thursday, December 01, 2011

Argentina: UFOs...or UAVs?

Earlier today, Eduardo Grosso posted an interesting comment on Contributing Editor Guillermo Giménez's Planeta UFO site regarding the very likely terrestrial origin of the strange object(s) being reported over Argentina at this time.

"Since June 2011," says Eduardo, "the Argentinean army has been testing the LIPAN III UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) over the Campo the Mayo region and the INTI. It is possible that what is been seen are the navigation lights of this small unconventional device. There is considerable information regarding this Army project as well as the prototypes being tested by the Navy (Proyecto Guardián) and even others by the Air Force (hitherto secret and unnamed)."

"Based on informal conversations with witnesses some time ago, the descriptions lead me to believe that the UAV is the most reasonable explanation."

It turns out that the Lipan III has been around for quite a while, forming part of the "Unmanned Tactical Air System" of the Argentinean Air Force, with the first units being assigned to the 601st Intelligence Brigade. Initial nocturnal flights of the Lipán M3 took place in July 2008 from the Army Aviation Aerodrome in Campo de Mayo, with a total of four units expected to be in service by 2010.

This UAV's potential is being refined and augmented: military sources speak of the "XM4", having greater range and endurance than the Lipán M3, fully capable of automatic landing and takeoff.

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