Monday, December 19, 2011

Victoria, Argentina: UFOs, Bridges and the Unexplained

Victoria, Argentina: UFOs, Bridges and the Unexplained
By Silvia Pérez Simondini, Vision OVNI

The passing of the years has not caused the UFO phenomenon to dwindle at all over Victoria. Quite the contrary, each passing day brings a new sighting, a new eyewitness account.

We often believe that we are going against what is commonplace in other locations, where sightings occur at given times of the year, following schedules, only every so often etc.

None of this applies here. There are no case histories that resemble those that we have heard other analysts of the phenomenon bring up. It’s as though they lived here, much like any one of us. They come and go as they please, when the feel the need to do so.

Our research has a strong focus of interest, and it is the river. A subject that has earned us our share of headaches, but a number of researchers have done no less than prove us right. The intelligent behavior of these lights, as they enter and leave the river’s waters, puts their structure on display – a kind of small probe, but with the great possibility of making themselves appear as large as they wish.

At first it was very hard to make people take notice of what was going on in the water. Who could think that what we were showing was anomalous?

Surely they all thought that we could mistake these lights for the activity of fishermen. But after witnessing this activity 365 days a year, seeing what they do – for example, a single light splitting into two, three, four or ten lights at once, shifting from red to green with ease, standing one on top of the other in threes, one of each color, plunging into the water, the pilings, dry land with the same ease in which they float in the air – who indeed can dispute what our eyes are seeing?

It doesn’t mean that they are this or that. The same thing happens in Norway, where scientists have already formed the famous Hessdalen Project, giving them the name earthlights, almost certainly by virtue of lacking another parameter by which to describe them.

We have some. We have noticed after several tests, for example, that when white lights are stimulated in the hope of receiving a reply, no reply was ever received (unlike fishermen, who immediately return signals flashed at them). However, using a red laser light, we have obtained a reply in a single instance, a clear sign that no further reply should be expected. What is the reason for this? Can they not see the white light, but are able to see the red one?

While this may seem like science fiction, another matter we’ve ascertained is that Saturdays are the day on which this manifestation occurs the most. Why? We have managed to record them from very early until late in the evening. It would seem as if they collected a certain element and deposited into another light, one that is white and motionless. They emerge once more to perform the same work.

If we had to specify where these lights emerge from, we would have to say that they come from below, from the river bottom. This is what we can see. But we cannot be certain of it, since they appear to handle matter and anti-matter. Another detail to keep in mind is that on moonlit nights, no light is ever visible on the river. When they have done so, it’s as though a filter had been slipped on the light. It never appears white, but may be red, yellow or green.

This has been going on for the longest time in Victoria. Our team picked up on it seven years ago and today, with the construction of the bridge from Rosario to Victoria, the workers involved in the project have confirmed what we have been saying for so long.

These are a few things that have taken place in this construction project:

Case No.1: “Where’s the dredge’s strut?”

When construction began on this bridge – so anticipated by residents of Victoria for over a hundred years – we felt disheartened. Not about the bridge, but about our subject. Everything would become filled with lights and noise; the phenomenon would almost certainly disappear; we wouldn’t even have the chance of finding out what it was. But we were wrong.

Not only did it *not* disappear, but it increased, causing concern not only to us, but to those involved in the construction work.

One of the first thing that happened startled everyone by its unexpected and mysterious nature. A Dutch company was in charge of dredging the river. Two support frogmen were involved in the project, monitoring the dredge’s work underwater. One of them came to our radio show (broadcast on FM Puente 102.1 on Saturdays from 1 to 2 p.m., know as Visión Ovni) to tell us what had happened. No explanation has been found to this very day.

He told us that one of the struts on the larger of the dredges had broken – something that while not very likely, is not uncommon. But what cannot happen is to have the dredge’s strut vanish altogether. In these cases, the frogman’s job consists in going down, digging a meter or more, hooking the strut and signaling the surface to hoist it. In this instance, despite digging a considerable depth, the strut was never found. The element in question measures 18 meters long by 50 cm in diameter, weighing 6 tons. An echo sounder swept the river bottom, but nothing was ever found.

This case reminds us of an event that occurred in 1993, when a research team belonging to an official agency, together with the Argentinean Naval Prefecture, engaged in a survey of the notorious Laguna del Pescado. To the astonishment of the specialists, they obtained an echo sound reading in excess of 30 meters, went far beyond the average depth of the site (which is between 2.50 and 3 meters). It was believed to be a technical error at first, but it was later ascertained that the readings were correct.

Such evidence allows us to gather elements that enable us to prove that activity completely unknown to us is taking place under the river’s waters, without giving it the qualifier of mysterious. This is one of many cases that took place, and which we can confirm.

Case No.2: “Not until I see it with my own eyes...”

Argentinean contracting firms like Puentes del Litoral, and some European ones – like the Dutch firm mentioned earlier, in charge of dredging operations – have become a presence in the area due to the construction of the Rosario-Victoria Bridge. Victoria was “invaded” by engineers and technicians who while aware of UFO phenomena in the area, never took into account as a factor to take into consideration. However, it would have a bearing on future work activities, as we will see here.

JR, the chief engineer, a Dutch national, unable to deal with his uncanny experience and the rationality imposed by his professional training, approached our group to tell us a story that left him sleepless for several nights. Amid statements of doubt, he told us that he was told of the UFO subject when he came to Victoria, but given that he did not believe in the phenomenon, paid it little attention. With nervous gestures, he started telling us his experience. “One night, around 11:30 p.m., I saw a green light a little over 10 meters over one of the bridges under suddenly turned red, rose some 50 meters and turned into an orange ball that rotated, giving an impression of fire. At that moment all lights went out. All motors stopped, even those of the barges supporting the project.”

To this day, the engineer is unable to come up with a logical explanation for the event. Believe us when we say that he has endeavored to do so since then, but comes up empty-handed.

Case No.3: “Those men are walking on water.”

José M. was about to leave his job, which consists of aiding technicians at work on the new bridge’s platforms. Like he did every day, he took off his jumpsuit and loosened the laces of his work boots. Within half an hour (7 p.m.) he would be aboard the boat that would bring him closer to the head of the bridge. When the boat was reaching the end of its journey along the coast, he saw a human-shaped light, standing no more than 70 or 80 centimeters tall, appearing to walk on the water. In his own words, he thought he was “seeing things” and never thought he’d witness such a sight.

It needn’t be said that he was terrified by all this, and his co-workers had to force him to return to work the next day, as he refused to do it on his own, given the shocking nature of his experience.

Today, a year after that experience, he remembers that his first remark about the experience was: “Esos hombrecillos caminan sobre el agua” (those little men walk on water), which gives us a better idea of what he saw at the time. Energy forms in humanoid shape?

Aside from this there are countless narratives from the workers who have had similar experience. It reached the point that many of them requested a change in their work hours to avoid having to deal with the lights that emerge from the water. What is important, beyond these experiences, is that researchers are always on the lookout for eyewitness accounts from professional people, since we wrongly believe that he/she is more qualified by their level of education. It just so happens here that both professionals and laborers are sharing the same experiences, the difference being that the latter fear they will lose their jobs, and choose to keep silent about their sightings.

The UFO phenomenon is showing itself assiduously. But why? We don’t know. It’s a source of concern for us. It’s as if they were no longer concerned about being seen, and not just in Victoria. We hear about important events happening in Chile, Mexico and Brazil. Does this mean we’ll learn more about them soon? If so, I hope it’s for the betterment of humanity, and not to end up as thralls to an unknown civilization.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Carlos Iurchuk, El Dragón Invisible)