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Argentina: Seven UFOs Reported Over Resistencia

Argentina: Seven UFOs Reported Over Resistencia

Date: 08 January 2012
Source: Diario NORTE

Strange flashes in the skies over Resistencia attracted the gaze of residents of different sections of the provincial capital, who reported the presence of numerous unidentified flying objects (UFOs) coming out of the south and heading north. The sighting occurred on Thursday noon, when the sun was at its fullest.

Residents of Villa San Martín spread the word so that several would be able to see the seven objects moving through the air unhurriedly, some of them flashing lights.

Availing themselves of the cellphones, some managed to capture images showing small circles in the sky. One of [the witnesses] recounted the episode to NORTE, claiming that it occurred once more yesterday.

While choosing to remain anonymous to avoid being laughed at by those who know him, the young man – who only managed to take a few photos – stated the following: “Along with other residents of Villa San Martin, we saw objects on 5 January, only a few minutes before noon. First there were three. They were triangular in shape and reflected the sun like mirrors. We could see them clearly, since they were flying relatively low and traveled north apparently very slowly. It was later possible to clearly see other similar ones, for a total of seven, moving at the same speed and heading.”

While some of the objects issued a very strong white reflection, at certain moments it was possible to tell that they “were shaped like boomerangs.”

“It all happened very quickly, and amid the astonishment, I was able to take a few photos. Unfortunately, under such conditions, one regrets not having had better equipment to show the objects in detail,” reported a neighbor, who approached us to discuss the events.

The incident was later subjected to comments through social networks in the hopes that other citizens who may have seen the UFOs may make their own remarks, and if possible, contribute new images.

In their own discussions, the local residents dismiss the possibility that the sighting may have been part of meteorological studies, due to the shape of the object. They also explained that they were following a given course and moved at a similar speed, never making any abrupt movements as has been described in many cases. In any event, while some skeptics are to be found, others claim that these are indeed UFOs.

(Translation (c) 2012 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)