Monday, September 09, 2013

Ecuador: Soccer Defeat Blamed on UFOs (HOAX)

Source: La Cara Oculta de los Ovnis and Futbol Internacional (
Date: 09.09.13

Ecuador: Soccer Defeat Blamed on UFOs (HOAX)

Aeronautical researcher Paco Máñez informs us of a *hoax* that is making the rounds of the internet today. The Ecuadoran soccer team has blamed its defeat on the inopportune presence of UFOs over the stadium -- alien intruders who, according to the paper, caused the ball to move 40 centimeters away from the goal.

This is the text as it appears at

"Ecuador left the Barranquilla Metropolitan stadium soaking wet. Not only because they walked away with a 1-0 defeat, but because of the torrential rain that fell moments prior to the match with Colombia. The storm flooded the football pitch and caused the game's opening to be postponed by 90 minutes.

Even so, the rain kept falling while the match was underway and the Ecuadorans believe it was caused by some UFOs that flew over the Metropolitano Stadium. This belief was due to a photograph circulated on social media.

It appeared as part of the cover of Ecuador's El Universo newspaper on Saturday, 7 September. But it turned out to he a hoax, since the first page of this paper makes no mention of any UFOs.

The bogus cover shows two strange extraterrestrial ships gliding over the vicinity of the Barranquilla stadium as the rain fell with most force. Its shape is circular like a flying saucer and one is near the other."

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