Monday, August 18, 2014

Argentina: Uproar in Valle Fertil over Alleged UFO

Source: Tiempo de San Juan (Argentina) and Planeta UFO
Date: 08.18.2014

Argentina: Uproar in Valle Fertil over Alleged UFO

*** Residents of Valle Fertil claim that an Unidentified Flying Object flew over the region ***
*** Valle Fertil journalist claims having seen the UFO ***

Residents of the department of Valle Fertil report seeing a UFO flying over the area on Thursday afternoon. It vanished two hours later.

Photos have appeared on social media showing a light in the sky, and local residents affirm that it is the unidentified flying object.

Furthermore, minutes before the alleged UFO's manifestation, there was a slight tremor that frightened the locals, who related it to the subsequent envent.

According to what some of the locals published, the UFO remained motionless for a long period of time, generating a silvery light.

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[Translation (c) 2014 S. Corrales, IHU. Thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Tiempo de San Juan)