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Chile: UFOs Over the Atacama Region

Source: Planeta UFO and El Ciudadano (
Date: 01.28.2015

Chile: UFOs Over the Atacama Region
By Carlos Opazo - Red Atacama

Province of Huasco, Atacama Region - In the Commune of Alto del Carmen, the skies are known as being among the most pristine in all Chile. Constellations, stars, satellites and anything crossing the zenith of this cordilleran sector can be seen by the unaided eye at night.

But for some time now, stars and constellations are not the only things visible in the skies of the Valle de Huasco. Strange flying objects have been seen as well, drawing the viewer's attention and causing a bit of fear.

Some stories indicate that a long time ago, locals and residents of Alto del Carmen witnessed a large luminous ball falling out toward the valley, and which caused the same expectation, fear and astonishment as the event that occurred last year in the same community. According to witnesses of the phenomenon, a powerful beam of light crossed the commune and crashed into the cordillera, followed by a strong subterranean tremor. That's not all. There are those who claim having seen extraterrestrial beings in the area, although there is no evidence of this. Likewise, such sectors as Crucecita, Pinte and Chollay report the presence of strange objects over the valley's skies. Julio Inostroza, former radio controller of the commune, notes: "There are many locals who claim having seen flying objects over the commune, but this isn't the first time."

Inostroza follows the UFO subject. He claims to be a contactee whose mission it is to spread the awareness of the existence of these entities. His experience is considerable and he has photographic and audiovisual documentation on sightings.

Another witness to these events, who did not want to disclose his identity, stated that he'd seen strange phenomena over the valley on two occasions. "Once, I was walking in the dark toward my home in a not very well-lit sector of the valley. I realized that there were three lights forming a triangle in the sky, moving little by little in the sky in parallel." He says that he was not frightened at first by the event, but when the lights vanished quickly, he started walking somewhat more briskly to reach his home. The same witness notes that a friend of his from the locality of Mitencillo, 50 kilometers toward the coast, witnessed the same spectacle at the same time in the northern night.

A former municipal official of Alto del Carmen admits having witnessed a phenomenon two years ago, having to do with the light the crossed Valle del Carmen toward the Andean Range, and which caused such fear among locals. "I had the same experience 40 years ago. I was in the interior of the valley when I heard a very loud noise, made by something falling. I didn't see it - I only heard the loud noise, since I was inside a home. The people outside told me that a very bright light had crossed the valley toward the cordillera. The mayor at the time sent a team of municipal workers to scour every corner of the valley, along with Carabineros (state police), and they could find nothing at all.

A few years ago, Vallenar and Alto del Carmen held a UFO convention where distinguished researchers visited the commune to discuss the matter of sightings. Various theories, studies and investigative approaches were put forth at the event, making the UFO phenomenon better known in Chile, but questions still remain: Are we alone? Are we the only living creatures in the galaxy? Are we visited by strange beings? Are we alone in the Huasco?

The answers can be found in each our personal experiences. Seeing is believing.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and El Ciudadano]